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Olive Ol"ive, n. [F., fr. L. oliva, akin to Gr. ?. See Oil.] 1. (Bot.) (a) A tree (Olea Europ[ae]a) with small oblong or elliptical leaves, axillary clusters of flowers, and oval, one-seeded drupes. The tree has been cultivated for its fruit for thousands of years, and its branches are the emblems of peace. The wood is yellowish brown and beautifully variegated. (b) The fruit of the olive. It has been much improved by cultivation, and is used for making pickles. Olive oil is pressed from its flesh. 2. (Zo["o]l.) (a) Any shell of the genus Oliva and allied genera; -- so called from the form. See Oliva. (b) The oyster catcher. [Prov.Eng.] 3. (a) The color of the olive, a peculiar dark brownish, yellowish, or tawny green. (b) One of the tertiary colors, composed of violet and green mixed in equal strength and proportion. 4. (Anat.) An olivary body. See under Olivary. 5. (Cookery) A small slice of meat seasoned, rolled up, and cooked; as, olives of beef or veal. Note: Olive is sometimes used adjectively and in the formation of self-explaining compounds; as, olive brown, olive green, olive-colored, olive-skinned, olive crown, olive garden, olive tree, olive yard, etc. Bohemian olive (Bot.), a species of El[ae]agnus (E. angustifolia), the flowers of which are sometimes used in Southern Europe as a remedy for fevers. Olive branch. (a) A branch of the olive tree, considered an emblem of peace. (b) Fig.: A child. Olive brown, brown with a tinge of green. Olive green, a dark brownish green, like the color of the olive. Olive oil, an oil expressed from the ripe fruit of the olive, and much used as a salad oil, also in medicine and the arts. Olive ore (Min.), olivenite. Wild olive (Bot.), a name given to the oleaster or wild stock of the olive; also variously to several trees more or less resembling the olive., Elaeagnus E`l[ae]*ag"nus, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? a B[oe]otian marsh plant; ? olive + ? sacred, pure.] (Bot.) A genus of shrubs or small trees, having the foliage covered with small silvery scales; oleaster.

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- elaeagnus angustifolia, commonly called silver berry oleaster, russian olive, or wild olive, is a species of elaeagnus , native to western
- elaeagnus umbellata, is known as japanese silverberry, umbellata oleaster autumn-olive autumn elaeagnus, or spreading oleaster.
- elaeagnus multiflora (goumi, gumi, natsugumi, or cherry silverberry), is a species of elaeagnus native to china , korea , and japan .
- elaeagnus commutata (american silverberry or wolf-willow), is a species of elaeagnus native to western and boreal north america , from
- elaeagnus pungens is a species of flowering plant in the family elaeagnaceae, known by the common name s thorny olive and silverthorn
- 8886 elaeagnus (1994 eg6) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on march 9, 1994 by e. w. elst at caussols . external links : http://ssd.
- elaeagnus. ˌ , ɛ , l , iː , ˈ , æ , ɡ , n , ə , s silverberry or oleaster, is a genus of about 50–70 species of flowering plant s in the
- elaeagnus spinosa , a psychedelic plant species in the genus elaeagnus elliptio spinosa , a spiny mussel species. emex spinosa , a herbaceous
- elaeagnus angustifolia , a plant. senjed, kerman senjed, north khorasan senjed, yazd geo-
- elaeagnus commutata , an ornamental plant. eulimella commutata , a sea snail. euphorbia commutata , a flowering plant.

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Silverberry Sil"ver*ber`ry, n. (Bot.) A tree or shrub (El[ae]agnus argentea) with silvery foliage and fruit. --Gray.

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- elaeagnus commutata (american silverberry or wolf-willow), is a species of elaeagnus native to western and boreal north america , from
- the larva e feed on shepherdia argentea , elaeagnus angustifolia , salix species, etc. subspecies : hyalophora gloveri gloveri. hyalophora
- american silverberry , elaeagnus commutata. canada silver buffaloberry , shepherdia argentea. list of peas of montana , order: fabales
- elaeagnus commutataamerican silverberry. elaeagnaceae : shepherdia argenteasilver buffaloberry. shepherdia canadensiscanada
- elaeagnuselaeagnus trees elaeagnus angustifolia – oleaster; shepherdiabuffalo berries shepherdia argenteasilver buffalo berry
- elaeagnaceae : elaeagnus angustifolia , harman, etc. file:elaeagnus angustifolia 20050608 852. shepherdia argentea , tetrahydroharmol
- magnoliophyta (broadleaves): elaeagnus elaeagnus angustifolia (russian-olive) - introduced shepherdia argentea (silver buffalo-berry)
- dasiphora floribunda, elaeagnus angustifolia, euonymus alatus, shepherdia argentea, sorbaria sorbifolia, sorbus aucuparia, sorbus x
- e : elaeagnus angustifolia (i) elaeagnus multiflora (i) p : potentilla argentea var. argentea (i) potentilla arguta ssp. arguta (n)
- verticillium susceptible plants : celosia argentea (cockscomb) centaurea cyanus (cornflower, elaeagnus (oleaster, russian olive)

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Oleaster O`le*as"ter, n. [L., fr. olea olive tree. See Olive, Oil.] (Bot.) (a) The wild olive tree (Olea Europea, var. sylvestris). (b) Any species of the genus El[ae]agus. See Eleagnus. The small silvery berries of the common species (El[ae]agnus hortensis) are called Trebizond dates, and are made into cakes by the Arabs.

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- elaeagnaceae : elaeagnus hortensis , tetrahydroharman, etc. elaeagnus orientalis , tetrahydroharman. elaeagnus spinosa , tetrahydroharman
- elaeagnus multiflora (goumi, gumi, natsugumi, or cherry silverberry), is a jpg , japanese elaeagnus multiflora var. hortensis, with
- a : abies balsamea var. balsamea (n) atriplex hortensis (i) atriplex patula (i) e : elaeagnus angustifolia (i) elaeagnus multiflora (i)