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- au revoir les enfants. (o ʁə. vwaʁ le zɑ̃. fɑ̃ meaning 'goodbye, children') is an autobiographical 1987 film written, produced and directed by
- les enfants terribles is a 1929 novel by jean cocteau , published by editions bernard grasset. it concerns two siblings, elisabeth and
- the hôpital neckerenfants malades (necker hospitalhospital for sick children) is a french teaching hospital , located in paris ,
- l'enfant terrible ('terrible child', also enfant terrible) is a french expression, traditionally referring to a child who is terrifyingly
- 'un enfant' (meaning 'child') is the first and only single from céline dion 's album chants et contes de noël . it was released in 1983
- les enfants terribles ('the terrible children') is a 1950 french film directed by jean-pierre melville and based on jean cocteau 's
- 'un jour, un enfant' ('a day, a child') is one of four winning songs in the eurovision song contest 1969 , this one being sung in french by
- enfant philippines is a brand of infant apparels and other products in the philippines and other southeast asian countries.
- 'children, kinder, enfants' (english translation: 'children, children, children') was the luxembourg ish entry in the eurovision song
- la femme enfant (die stumme liebe) is a 1980 french drama film directed by raphaële billetdoux and starring klaus kinski it competed in

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