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Note: In some parts of America, especially in New England, the name walnut is given to several species of hickory (Carya), and their fruit. Ash-leaved walnut, a tree (Juglans fraxinifolia), native in Transcaucasia. Black walnut, a North American tree (J. nigra) valuable for its purplish brown wood, which is extensively used in cabinetwork and for gunstocks. The nuts are thick-shelled, and nearly globular. English, or European, walnut, a tree (J. regia), native of Asia from the Caucasus to Japan, valuable for its timber and for its excellent nuts, which are also called Madeira nuts. Walnut brown, a deep warm brown color, like that of the heartwood of the black walnut. Walnut oil, oil extracted from walnut meats. It is used in cooking, making soap, etc. White walnut, a North American tree (J. cinerea), bearing long, oval, thick-shelled, oily nuts, commonly called butternuts. See Butternut., European Eu`ro*pe"an, a. [L. europeaus, Gr. ?, fr. Gr. ? (L. europa.)] Of or pertaining to Europe, or to its inhabitants. On the European plan, having rooms to let, and leaving it optional with guests whether they will take meals in the house; -- said of hotels. [U. S.], European Eu`ro*pe"an, n. A native or an inhabitant of Europe.

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- european may refer to: a person of any of the ethnic groups in europe relating to or characteristic of europe or its inhabitants
- europe the treaty of rome in 1957 established the european economic community between six western european states with the goal of a
- the european union (eu) is an economic and political union of member states that are located primarily - in europe the eu operates
- the european parliament (abbreviated as europarl or the ep) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the european union (eu
- the ethnic groups in europe are the various ethnic groups that reside in the european ethnology is the field of anthropology focusing on
- the union of european football associations. (union des associations européennes de football. also referred to by its acronym uefa
- the pga european tour is an organization which operates the three leading men's professional golf tour s in europe : the elite european
- the european figure skating championships ('europeans') is an annual figure skating competition in which figure skaters compete for the
- the european space agency (esa) (french : agence spatiale européenne - ase; german : europäische weltraumorganisation) is an
- known simply as the champions league, and originally known as the european champion clubs' cup or european cup, is an annual continental

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Concert of Europe Concert of Europe, or European concert European concert An agreement or understanding between the chief European powers to take only joint action in the (European) Eastern Question.

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- european concert is a live album by american jazz group the modern jazz quartet featuring performances recorded in sweden in april 1960
- the concert of europe (also vienna system of international relations), also known or as the european restoration, because of the
- canned heat '70 concert live in europe is a 1970 live album by canned heat . various locations on live concert european tour right before
- songs of europe was a large concert arranged in mysen, norway in 1981, featuring nearly all winners of the eurovision song contest ,
- led zeppelin 's 1970 european tour was a concert tour of europe by the english rock band . the tour commenced on 23 february and
- tour over europe 1980 was the last concert tour by the english rock band led manager peter grant decided to schedule a short european tour.
- (1959) , next album european concert (1960) , misc artist milt jackson , type soundtrack , last album pyramid (1959) , this album music
- the heart of europe concert was a concert held on may 18, 2005 in kiev 's maidan nezalezhnosti as part of eurovision song contest 2005
- with the modern jazz quartet : 1960: european concert. 1960: modern jazz quartet in concert, recorded in ljubljana, yugoslavia, may 27, 1960
- oceanborn europe tour was a concert tour by finnish symphonic metal band the tour is notable for featuring the band's first european

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Polecat Pole"cat`, n. [Probably fr. F. poule hen, and originally, a poultry cat, because it feeds on poultry. See Poultry.] (Zo["o]l.) (a) A small European carnivore of the Weasel family (Putorius f[oe]tidus). Its scent glands secrete a substance of an exceedingly disagreeable odor. Called also fitchet, foulmart, and European ferret. (b) The zorilla. The name is also applied to other allied species., Foumart Fou"mart`, n. [OE. folmard, fulmard; AS. f?l foul + mear?, meard, marten: cf. F. marte, martre. See Foul, a., and Marten the quadruped.] (Zo["o]l.) The European polecat; -- called also European ferret, and fitchew. See Polecat. [Written also foulmart, foulimart, and fulimart.]

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- a polecat-ferret hybrid is a cross between a european polecat (mustela putorius) and a ferret (mustela putorius furo). and ferrets develop
- the ferret (mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the european polecat , a mammal belonging to the weasel genus of the
- the european polecat (mustela putorius) — also known as the black or forest polecat polecat , the black-footed ferret and the european mink .
- the genus includes the weasels, european polecat s, stoat s, ferret s and european mink s. they are small, active predators, long and
- the black-footed ferret (mustela nigripes), also known as the american polecat or (from which the european and steppe polecat are also
- the two living species referred to as 'mink' are the european mink and the mustelidae , which also includes the weasel s, otter s and ferret s.
- sea otters are vulnerable to oil spill s and the indirect effects of overfishing; the black-footed ferret , a relative of the european
- while the ferret badger's tail can be 46 , 51 , cm , in , abbr on the european badger is one of the largest; the american badger, the hog
- and includes wolverine s, weasel s, ferret s, marten s, mink s, and similar genus mustela (weasels, ferrets, european mink and stoats)
- about 1250 ce and european visitors from 1769 onwards brought the pig , mice , two extra species of rats, weasel s stoat s, ferret s and

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Lotus Lo"tus, n. [L. lotus, Gr. ?. Cf. Lote.] 1. (Bot.) (a) A name of several kinds of water lilies; as Nelumbium speciosum, used in religious ceremonies, anciently in Egypt, and to this day in Asia; Nelumbium luteum, the American lotus; and Nymph[ae]a Lotus and N. c[ae]rulea, the respectively white-flowered and blue-flowered lotus of modern Egypt, which, with Nelumbium speciosum, are figured on its ancient monuments. (b) The lotus of the lotuseaters, probably a tree found in Northern Africa, Sicily, Portugal, and Spain (Zizyphus Lotus), the fruit of which is mildly sweet. It was fabled by the ancients to make strangers who ate of it forget their native country, or lose all desire to return to it. (c) The lote, or nettle tree. See Lote. (d) A genus (Lotus) of leguminous plants much resembling clover. [Written also lotos.] European lotus, a small tree (Diospyros Lotus) of Southern Europe and Asia; also, its rather large bluish black berry, which is called also the date plum.

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- williams as having accepted the lotu without vai‘inupō’s permission in 1832. european accounts from the 1770s reveal that samoa and tonga
- the european storm forecast experiment issued a level 3 which means pl/12690,1561568,0,1,skutki-nawalnic-z-lotu-ptaka,wiadomosc.
- bezid (bözöd), bezidu nou (bözödújfalu) and loţu (lóc) villages are publisher boulder, co: east european monographs , year 2002 , page
- resenting his connection with the lotu, gave very angry expression to governor of new south wales by a european,date january 2012
- if he desires the lotu (religion), i will accept it also perhaps prominent yavusa siko persons : mr william scott, european settler.
- relatively low numbers of māori when european settlement of new zealand began. maungakiekie , peseta sam lotu-iiga , national ,
- the 2012–13 amlin challenge cup was the 17th season of the european challenge cup fielding an ineligible player, lotu taukeiaho during the match.
- early contact with europe ans was established in the 18th century. samoan gospel music is a newer sub-genre in the genre of 'pese lotu
- post-european contact. file:samoa police brass band. even traditional hymns (pese lotu) have seen a fair amount of change. some pop bands,
- the 2010 central european floods , but later resumed after a short delay jpg , completion, august 2011 file:most redzinski z lotu ptaka.

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European Eu`ro*pe"an, a. [L. europeaus, Gr. ?, fr. Gr. ? (L. europa.)] Of or pertaining to Europe, or to its inhabitants. On the European plan, having rooms to let, and leaving it optional with guests whether they will take meals in the house; -- said of hotels. [U. S.]

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- european plan may refer to: european plan - a lodging package which does not include meals (as opposed to the american plan which includes
- the european plan on climate change consists of a range of measures adopted by the members of the european union to fight against climate
- european recovery plan may refer to: european recovery program (informally the marshall plan) in 1947 european economic recovery plan in
- on 26 november 2008, the european commission proposed a european stimulus plan amounting to 200 billion euros to cope with the effects of
- plan on priority measures for european integration of ukraine for 2013 is a plan of priority actions for 2013 issued by the decision of the
- the european recession is part of the great recession , which began in the united european economic recovery plan a plan of 200 billion
- the european defence community (edc) was a plan proposed in 1950 by rené pleven , then the french prime minister, in response to the
- european spallation source (ess) is a planned materials research facility for scientific research using the neutron scattering technique.
- werner plan (or werner report) - at the european summit in the hague in 1969, the heads of state and government of the european community
- the association of european schools of planning (aesop) is a network of research in the fields of urban and regional planning .

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Europeanize Eu`ro*pe"an*ize, v. t. To cause to become like the Europeans in manners or character; to habituate or accustom to European usages. A state of society . . . changed and Europeanized. --Lubbock.

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- the culture of europe is defined by, amongst other things, its art and architecture, music, literature and philosophy. art: european art
- a more nuanced analysis posits that the institutional interaction of policy actors at the various levels of european governance leads to
- word-order: turkish is generally sov . european. become european (command) europeanize (command) i wish you could not europeanize. could not europeanize
- the new emperor was also eagerly seeking settlers from germany, austria, and france, as part of his strategy to rebuild and europeanize
- turkey's application to accede to the european economic community, a predecessor of intended to 'europeanize' or westernize the country
- occurred in egypt, garden city managed to keep its trendy, european feel. its founders and khedive ismail's attempts to europeanize cairo .
- chinelos mock europeans and european mannerisms from the colonial porfirio díaz ’s attempts to “europeanize” mexico at the end of the 19th century.
- 'why do conservatives want to european-ize america? by michael lind. salon, tuesday, june 15, 2010. http://www. salon. com/news/economics/
- Álvaro sought to europeanize kongo more fully than had been the case before. he was the first king to refer to the capital city as são
- former tirana mayor edi rama embarked on a plan to modernize and europeanize the square in march 2010, works began to transform the

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Europeanize Eu`ro*pe"an*ize, v. t. To cause to become like the Europeans in manners or character; to habituate or accustom to European usages. A state of society . . . changed and Europeanized. --Lubbock.

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