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February Feb"ru*a*ry, n. [L. Februarius, orig., the month of expiation, because on the fifteenth of this month the great feast of expiation and purification was held, fr. februa, pl., the Roman festival or purification; akin to februare to purify, expiate.] The second month in the year, said to have been introduced into the Roman calendar by Numa. In common years this month contains twenty-eight days; in the bissextile, or leap year, it has twenty-nine days.

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- february. (audio en-us-february. ogg , ˈ , f , ɛ , b , juː , ˌ , ɛr , i or. ˈ , f , ɛ , b , r , uː , ˌ , ɛr , i feb , ew , err , ee
- the united kingdom's general election of february 1974 was held on the 28th of that month. it was the first of two united kingdom general
- the february revolution. (Февра́льская револю́ция , p fʲɪvˈralʲskəjə rʲɪvɐˈlʲʉtsɨjə
- february : the united states senate passes resolution 71, urging u.s. president bill clinton to 'take all necessary and appropriate actions
- january–february : january 3 - ronald smith , 82, british pianist. january 6 – jimmy hassell , 62, guitarist/co-lead singer in the first
- february: file:wtc 1993 atf commons. jpg , the aftermath of the world trade center bombing . february 4 – members of the right-wing austria n
- february : february 1 – joan kirner becomes victoria 's first female deputy premier, after the resignation of robert fordham over the vedc
- february : february 1 president of the united states george h. w. bush meets with president of russia boris yeltsin at camp david , where
- february : february 3 – the democratic -controlled united states house of representatives rejects president ronald reagan 's request for $
- february : february 4 – an earthquake near lijiang in southwest china, measuring up to 7 on the richter scale , kills at least 240 people,

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