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Flown Flown, p. p. of Fly; -- often used with the auxiliary verb to be; as, the birds are flown., Flown Flown, a. Flushed, inflated. Note: [Supposed by some to be a mistake for blown or swoln.] --Pope. Then wander forth the sons Of Belial, flown with insolence and wine. --Milton.

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- image:stripe-tailed hummingbird. jpg , a hummingbird in flight image:jumping to fly. jpg , a barn swallow in flight flight is the process
- loads mounted to battens include lights, curtains and scenery so they may travel vertically, be raised up into the fly space (flown out)
- a flown flag is a flag that has historic meaning, sentimental value, or has been flown for a special occasion date november 2012 flown
- spirits having flown is the bee gees ' fifteenth original album (thirteenth internationally), released on 5 february 1979. it was the
- 'norwegian wood (this bird has flown)' (also known as simply 'norwegian wood') is a song by the beatles , mainly written by john lennon ,
- 'spirits (having flown)' is a song by the bee gees which was originally released on the 1979 album spirits having flown . though not
- following the release of the spirits having flown album in february 1979, the bee gees set out on their most lavish and successful tour
- the eagle has flown is a book by jack higgins , first published in 1991. it is a quasi-sequel to the eagle has landed . plot summary
- this bird has flown may refer to: norwegian wood (this bird has flown), a song by the beatles this bird has flown , a beatles tribute album
- this is a list of the aircraft types flown by captain eric 'winkle' brown , rn . the list is the one drawn up and verified by the

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