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- amanita franchetii is a species of fungus in the amanitaceae family. it was given its current name by swiss mycologist victor fayod in
- cotoneaster franchetii (franchet's cotoneaster) is a species of cotoneaster native to southwestern china , in the provinces of guizhou
- the franchet's cypripedium (cypripedium franchetii) is a species of orchid . category:cypripedium.
- quercus franchetii, commonly known as the zhui lian li evergreen oak, is a species of oak in the section quercus sect. cerris , native
- he named several species including amanita franchetii , disciotis venosa , ptychoverpa bohemica , and trichoglossum hirsutum .
- franchetii and their inhibitory effects on nitric oxide production. , volume 71 , issue 4 , pages 642–6 , doi 10.1021/np700713r ,
- the larvae feed on betula , cotoneaster franchetii , crataegus , cydonia oblonga , malus domestica , prunus armeniaca , prunus avium ,
- the larvae feed on acer negundo , arbutus andrachne , cotoneaster franchetii , elaeagnus pungens , morus alba , pinus halepensis , pistacia
- edu/pdf/articles/2010-68-2-qinling-maple-acer-tsinglingense-or-franchet-s-maple-acer-sterculiaceum-subsp-franchetii. pdf arnold arboretum
- section lithocarpa : acer franchetii pax. acer leipoense fang & soong. acer pilosum maxim. acer sinopurpurascens cheng. acer sterculiaceum

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