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Fly amanita Fly amanita, Fly fungus Fly fungus . (Bot.) A poisonous mushroom (Amanita muscaria, syn. Agaricus muscarius), having usually a bright red or yellowish cap covered with irregular white spots. It has a distinct volva at the base, generally an upper ring on the stalk, and white spores. Called also fly agaric, deadly amanita.

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- fungu yasini island (or simply fungu yasini) is an uninhabited island in tanzania , north of the country's capital city, dar es salaam
- the reserve system consists of nine uninhabited islands, four north of dar es salaam (bongoyo , mbudya , pangavini and fungu yasini ) and
- indian ocean : fungu yasini island kilwa kisiwani mafia island maziwi island mbudya island pangavini island toten island yambe island , also
- latham island (also fungu kizimkazi), tiny and uninhabitated. mafia island surrounding unguja : bawe island changuu (prison) island
- cassava; fungu - wild damson; wiskekuru - ancestor; kutenga - to bring; gutu - ear (plural: makutu); kuwomba manja - to clap hands; mbweno! -
- the coaster ran aground on the fungu miza reef and was beached at dar es salaam , tanganyika . sara , 1889 , 2 (kingdom of italy , civil

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