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- aegialomys galapagoensis, also known as the galápagos rice rat or galápagos oryzomys is a species of rodent in the family cricetidae from
- the galapagos hawk (buteo galapagoensis) is a large hawk endemic to the galapagos islands . physical description: image:galapagos hawk (juv)
- copelatus galapagoensis is a species of diving beetle . it is part of the copelatus genus, which is of the copelatinae subfamily and the
- mordellistena galapagoensis is a beetle in the mordellistena genus, which is in the mordellidae family. it was described in 1953 by van
- blennidus galapagoensis is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily pterostichinae it was described by g.r.waterhouse in 1845.
- the galápagos fur seal (arctocephalus galapagoensis) breeds on the galápagos islands in the eastern pacific, west of mainland ecuador .
- the galápagos dove (zenaida galapagoensis) is a species of bird in the columbidae family. it is endemic to the galápagos , off ecuador
- there are two commonly recognized and described species in the genus: the mainland a. xanthaeolus , the type species , and a. galapagoensis .
- testudo galapagoensis baur 1889 c. n. abingdoni. testudo ephippium günther , 1875 (partim, misidentified type specimen once erroneously
- galapagoensis, which is found in the waters around the galapagos islands . it is a sooty-black storm-petrel with a white rump.

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