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Aleppo grass Aleppo grass (Bot.) One of the cultivated forms of Andropogon Halepensis (syn. Sorghum Halepense). See Andropogon, below.

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- pinus halepensis, commonly known as the aleppo pine, is a pine native to the mediterranean region . their range extends from morocco and
- e.j. butler, (1906)puccinia sanguinea dietel, (1897)puccinia sorghi-halepensis (pat.) speg. sorghi fuckel, in thümen uredo sorghi-halepensis pat.
- velatipes, originally found in italy growing in poor acidic soil in association with aleppo pine (pinus halepensis), is distinguished by
- the larvae feed on pinus sylvestris , pinus halepensis and pinus nigra var. nigra . in pinus sylvestris, the larvae feed in the shoots,
- the larvae feed on acer negundo , arbutus andrachne , cotoneaster franchetii , elaeagnus pungens , morus alba , pinus halepensis , pistacia
- pine (pinus brutia) and, to smaller extent, aleppo pine (pinus halepensis), scots pine (pinus sylvestris) and stone pine (pinus pinea).
- the larva e feed on pinus (especially pinus halepensis and pinus pinaster ) and cedrus species. references : external links : http://
- pine (pinus brutia) and, to a lesser extent, aleppo pine (pinus halepensis), scots pine (pinus sylvestris) and stone pine (pinus pinea).
- it contains plants indigenous to the region, including arbutus unedo , phillyrea latifolia , pinus halepensis , pistacia lentiscus ,
- pinus halepensis pinus heldreichii pinus hwangshanensis pinus jeffreyi pinus koraiensis pinus monticola pinus mugo pinus mugo ssp.

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