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Thorough bass Thor"ough bass` (Mus.) The representation of chords by figures placed under the base; figured bass; basso continuo; -- sometimes used as synonymous with harmony., Harmony Har"mo*ny, n.; pl. Harmonies. [ F. harmonic, L. harmonia, Gr. ? joint, proportion, concord, fr. ? a fitting or joining. See Article. ] 1. The just adaptation of parts to each other, in any system or combination of things, or in things, or things intended to form a connected whole; such an agreement between the different parts of a design or composition as to produce unity of effect; as, the harmony of the universe. 2. Concord or agreement in facts, opinions, manners, interests, etc.; good correspondence; peace and friendship; as, good citizens live in harmony. 3. A literary work which brings together or arranges systematically parallel passages of historians respecting the same events, and shows their agreement or consistency; as, a harmony of the Gospels. 4. (Mus.) (a) A succession of chords according to the rules of progression and modulation. (b) The science which treats of their construction and progression. Ten thousand harps, that tuned Angelic harmonies. --Milton. 5. (Anat.) See Harmonic suture, under Harmonic. Close harmony, Dispersed harmony, etc. See under Close, Dispersed, etc. Harmony of the spheres. See Music of the spheres, under Music. Syn: Harmony, Melody. Usage: Harmony results from the concord of two or more strains or sounds which differ in pitch and quality. Melody denotes the pleasing alternation and variety of musical and measured sounds, as they succeed each other in a single verse or strain.

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- in music , harmony is the use of simultaneous pitches (tones , notes ), or chords the study of harmony involves chords and their
- vocal harmony is a style of vocal music in which a consonant note or notes are sung at the same time as a main melody in a predominantly
- harmony, also known as node 2, is the 'utility hub' of the international space station . the hub contains four racks that provide
- vowel harmony is a type of long-distance assimilatory phonological process involving vowels that occurs in some languages.
- singer performs the primary vocals or melody of a song , as opposed to a backing singer who sings backup vocals or the harmony of a song.
- harmony books is an imprint of the crown publishing group , itself part of publisher penguin random house . harmony books is dedicated to
- harmony kendall is a fictional character created by joss whedon for the television series buffy the vampire slayer and its spin-off
- the harmony society was a christian theosophy and pietist society founded in iptingen , germany , in 1785. due to religious persecution
- harmony is a borough in butler county , pennsylvania , united states . the population was 937 at the 2000 census. it is located about 30
- the harmony company was an american company that, in its heyday, was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the usa.

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