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Highland High"land, n. Elevated or mountainous land; (often in the pl.) an elevated region or country; as, the Highlands of Scotland. Highland fling, a dance peculiar to the Scottish Highlanders; a sort of hornpipe.

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- the term highland or upland is used to denote any mountain ous region or elevated mountainous plateau . generally speaking, upland (or
- highland. (a' ghàidhealtachd; kɛːəlˠ̪t̪əxk , pron is a council area in the scottish highlands and is the largest local government area in
- combination of factors including the outlawing of the traditional highland way of life following the jacobite rising of 1745 , the infamous
- highland county is a county located in the state of ohio , united states . according to the 2010 census , it has a population of 43,589
- highland county is a county located in the commonwealth of virginia , united states . as of the census of 2010, the population was 2,321
- highland dance or highland dancing is a style of competitive solo dancing developed in the scottish highlands in the nineteenth and
- highland is a city in san bernardino county , california , united states . the population in 2010 (us census) was 53,104, up from 44,605
- the highland railway (hr) was one of the smaller british railways before the railways act 1921 , operating north of perth railway station
- the scottish highland football league (commonly known as the highland league) is a football league , operating in the north of scotland .
- highland is a city in madison county , illinois , united states . the population was 9,919 at the 2010 census. highland began as a swiss

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