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Historically His*tor"ic*al*ly, adv. In the manner of, or in accordance with, history.

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- com/encyclopedia-historical-writing-reference-humanities/dp/ external links - : historically speaking (april 2010) v. 11#2 pp 17-20, with
- several towns were historically divided between counties, including banbury , burton upon trent , newmarket , peterborough , royston ,
- art history is the study of objects of art in their historical development and they thus attempt to answer in historically specific ways
- historical ages: imagesize width:800 height:75 plotarea width:720 height:50 left:65 bottom:20 alignbars justify. colors id:time value:rgb(0.7,
- historical writing in japan culminated in the early 8th century with the massive chronicles, the kojiki (the record of ancient matters,
- historical linguistics (also called diachronic linguistics) is the study of language change. it has five main concerns: to describe and
- historically, county constituencies did represent specific counties (minus parliamentary burgh s within the counties). now, however,
- the older term 'shire ' was historically equivalent to 'county'. in scotland shire was the only term used until after the act of union
- the historian william rees said, in his 'historical atlas of wales': (published 1959)' the boundaries of the modern shires have
- because they are things of continual discovery and re-invention, science and technology have historically generated forms of speech and

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