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- humanity+ (formerly the world transhumanist association) is an international organization which advocates the ethical use of emerging
- humanity may refer to: the condition of being human : humanity (virtue), a set of strengths focused on 'tending and befriending others'
- humanity is an album featuring songs composed by shinji orito , magome togoshi , mitsuru sekiyama, yasushi tanno, and shigeru
- crimes against humanity, as defined by the rome statute of the international criminal court explanatory memorandum, 'are particularly
- latins , latin (disambiguation) roman language , romani language , romanian language , romanesco language date may 2013 , talk y date july
- etymology and definition: 'our' human nature and humanity. date june 2013 in scientific terms, the definition of 'human' has changed with the
- in the valladolid debate , juan ginés de sepúlveda , who maintained an aristotelian view of humanity as divided into classes of different
- 'but animal nature, however perfect, is far from representing the human being in its completeness, and it is in truth humanity's humble
- latin word meaning—in addition to 'humanity' - 'culture, refinement, education' and, specifically, an 'education befitting a cultivated man').
- on the other hand, the greater the number of traits (or allele s) considered, the more subdivisions of humanity are detected, since traits

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