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- infallibility, from latin origin ('in', not + 'fallere', to deceive), is a term claim that the church is infallible, but disagree as to
- papal infallibility is a dogma of the catholic church which states that, in virtue of the promise of jesus to peter, the pope is
- biblical infallibility is the belief that what the bible says regarding matters of faith and christian practice is wholly useful and true
- the infallibility of the church (or, more properly, indefectibility of the church) is the belief that the holy spirit will not allow the
- contrary to fact some equate inerrancy with infallibility ; others do not biblical inerrancy should not be confused with biblical literalism .
- its best-known decision is its definition of papal infallibility . the council was convoked to deal with the contemporary problems of the
- iṣmah or ‘isma (عِصْمَة) is the concept of infallibility or 'divinely bestowed freedom from error and sin' in islam muslims believe that
- the global religious community , other related uses , bahai (disambiguation)date march 2012 file:seat of the house of justice.
- during his pontificate, he convened the first vatican council in 1869, which decreed papal infallibility , but the council was cut short
- culminating in 1870 with the proclamation of the dogma of papal infallibility for rare occasions when the pope speaks ex cathedra

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