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Issue Is"sue, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Issued; p. pr. & vb. n. Issuing.]

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- the battle of issus occurred in southern anatolia , in november 333 bc. the invading macedonian troops, led by alexander the great ,
- issus (Ἱσσός or Ἱσσοί) is an ancient settlement on the strategic coastal plain straddling the small pinarus river (a fast melt-water
- issus may refer to: issus (town), an ancient settlement in the modern turkish province of hatay. battle of issus , in 333 bc, in which
- issus is a genus of 'planthoppers' belonging to the family issidae of infraorder fulgoromorpha of suborder auchenorrhyncha of order
- issus, a river in cilicia , asia minor , where alexander the great defeated darius in 333 bc. category:cilicia.
- the battle of alexander at issus (german: alexanderschlacht) is a 1529 oil painting by the german artist albrecht altdorfer (c.
- the battle of issus was the third major battle, in 194 between the forces of emperor septimius severus and his rival, pescennius niger
- issus was a roman catholic titular see in turkey , pertaining to the ancient city of the same name references : category:titular sees in
- issus coleoptratus is a common insect found in the western palaearctic . it is a species of planthopper that is 5.5 , 7.0 , mm long.
- issus-aussaguel station is a radio antenna station for communication with spacecraft operated by the centre national d'Études spatiales

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