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- the request of empress gemmei the kojiki is a collection of myth s concerning the origin of the four home islands of japan, and the kami .
- kojiki is an album by the new age music (music of new age) artist kitarō which was nominated for a grammy award in 1990 this album features
- 5454 kojiki (1977 ew5) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on march 12, 1977 by kosai and hurukawa at kiso observatory . external links
- it is more elaborate and detailed than the kojiki , the oldest, and has proven to be an important tool for historians and archaeologists
- 660 bc shinto practices were first recorded and codified in the written historical records of the kojiki and nihon shoki in the 8th century.
- the imperial house of japan is the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world in kojiki or nihon shoki , a book of japanese
- while shinto has no founder, no overarching doctrine, and no religious texts, the kojiki  (the ancient chronicles of japan), written in 712
- have been a composite figure according to the legendary account in the kojiki , emperor jimmu would have been born on 13 february 711 bc
- is the japanese word for the land of the dead (world of darkness according to shinto mythology as related in kojiki , this is where the
- is primarily known for being instrumental to the compilation of the japan ese text kojiki in 712. while birth and date are unknown, are

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