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- legislation (or 'statutory law ') is law which has been promulgated (or 'enact ed') by a legislature or other governing body , or the
- an act of parliament is a statute enacted as primary legislation by a national or sub-national parliament . in the republic of ireland
- institutions to govern behavior laws can be made by legislatures through legislation (resulting in statute s), the executive through decree
- european union law is a body of treaties and legislation, such as regulations and directives, which have direct effect or indirect effect
- government organization with the power to enact, amend, and repeal law s the law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law .
- 1999 : legislation. gov. uk/asp/1999/1/contents 1999 asp 1) 2000 : abolition of feudal tenure etc. (scotland) act 2000 (http://www.
- under which the congressional budget office must score proposed legislation unfortunately cannot produce the best unbiased forecasts of the
- while progress was made in some areas, this status lasted in most southern states until national civil rights legislation was passed in
- statutes are sometimes referred to as legislation or 'black letter law .' as a source of law , statutes are considered primary authority
- statute s, regulation s, and common law or national legislation (where applicable) that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity

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