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- liechtenstein also has two major newspaper s; liechtensteiner volksblatt and liechtensteiner vaterland . the primary multimedia company
- liechtensteiner americans are americans of liechtensteiner descent. notable liechtensteiner-americans : john latenser, sr. references
- nationals are referred to by the plural: liechtensteiners. the official language is german ; most speak alemannic , a german dialect highly
- liechtensteiner volksblatt is one of the two main newspapers of liechtenstein . it is also the older one having been founded in 1878.
- liechtensteiner cuisine is the cuisine of liechtenstein . european cuisine cheeses and soups are integral parts of liechtensteiner cuisine.
- liechtensteiner vaterland is the largest daily newspaper in liechtenstein. it is published by vaduzer medienhaus ag and was founded by
- the list of liechtensteiners is a list of notable people from or of the nation of liechtenstein . the princely family : franz joseph ii,
- the liechtensteiner footballer of the year is an award granted every season to a liechtenstein er footballer . country's liechtensteiner
- the liechtenstein cycling federation or lrv (in german : liechtensteiner radfahrerverband) is the national governing body of cycle racing
- the liechtensteiner national badminton championships is a tournament organized to crown the best badminton players in liechtenstein .

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