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- romance languages : catalan : marquès, marcgravi / marquesa. french : marquis, margrave / marquise, margravine. italian : margravio, marchese /
- the marquesas islands. (link no , Îles marquises or archipel des marquises or marquises; marquesan : te henua (k)enana (north marquesan ) and
- survivor: marquesas is the fourth season of the united states reality show survivor . hosted by jeff probst , it aired from february 28
- the marquesas keys form an uninhabited island group about 30 miles (50 km) west of key west , 4 miles (6 km) in diameter, and inhabited by
- the marquesas hotspot is a volcanic hotspot in the central pacific ocean . it is responsible for the marquesas islands , a group of 12
- marquesa is a title of nobility. marquesa may also refer to: marquesas islands , a group of islands in french polynesia. the marquesas islands
- this article details the history of the marquesas. the marquesas islands are a group of volcanic islands in french polynesia , an overseas
- marquesas swamphen (porphyrio paepae) is a presumably extinct species of swamphen from the marquesas islands hiva oa and tahuata .
- the marquesas islands were colonized by seafaring polynesia ns as early as 300 ad, thought to originate from samoa . the dense
- the marquesas islands have a diverse aquatic zoölogy , and a rather limited endemic terrestrial zoölogy. ocean fauna: the marquesas are not

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