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- minority may refer to: law : the age of a person before legal age or adulthood. in that sense see: minor (law), age of majority , legal age
- a minority group is a sociological category within a demographic. rather than a relational 'social group ', as the term would indicate,
- a minority government or a minority cabinet is a cabinet of a parliamentary system formed when a political party or coalition of parties
- a minority language is a language spoken by a minority of the population of a territory. such people are termed linguistic minorities
- in u.s. politics , the minority leader is the floor leader of the second largest caucus in a legislative body given the two-party nature
- the senate majority and minority leaders are two united states senator s who are elected by the party caucus es that hold the majority and
- ethnic minorities in china are the non- han chinese population in the people's republic of china . recognizes 55 ethnic minority groups
- the term minority rights embodies two separate concepts: first, normal individual right s as applied to members of racial, ethnic , class ,
- the sense of 'different cultural groups', and in us english 'racial, cultural or national minority group' arises in the 1930s to 1940s
- a majority-minority or minority-majority area refers to a sub-national jurisdiction in which one or more racial and/or ethnic minorities

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