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Monotype Mon"o*type, Monotypic Mon`o*typ"ic, a. [Mono- + -type: cf. F. monotype.] (Biol.) Having but one type; containing but one representative; as, a monotypic genus, which contains but one species.

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- in biology , a monotypic taxon is a taxonomic group which contains only one immediately subordinate taxon for example, a monotypic species
- zoologists instead use the term 'monotypic ' when referring to a higher taxon that contains only one immediately subordinate taxon.
- monotypes can also be created by inking an entire surface and then, using brush es or rags, removing ink to create a subtractive image,
- the yellow starthistle, centaurea solstitialis , is a botanical monotypic-habitat example of this, currently dominating over 15000000 ,
- the aniliidae are a monotypic family created for the monotypic genus anilius that contains the single species a. scytale common names
- azemiopinae is a monotypic subfamily created for the monotypic genus , azemiops, that contains the venomous viper species azemiops
- cryptomeria ('hidden parts') is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family cupressaceae , formerly belonging to the family
- limnoperdon is a fungal genus in the monotypic family limnoperdaceae. the genus is also monotypic, as it contains a single species, the
- howler monkeys (genus alouatta monotypic in subfamily alouattinae) are among the largest of the new world monkey s. fifteen species
- daboia is a monotypic genus of venomous old world viper . the single species , d. russelii, is found in asia throughout the indian

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