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- a municipality is usually an urban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government or jurisdiction
- slovenia is divided into 212 municipalities (občine, singular občina ), of which 11 have urban status. municipalities are further
- municipalities and cities of serbia form the basic level of local government . serbia is divided into 150 municipalities (opštine) and 24
- the 28 provinces of bulgaria are divided into 264 municipalities (община, obshtina). blagoevgrad province : image:blagoevgrad oblast map en
- municipalities (gemeinden , more accurately translated as 'communities') are the lowest level of official territorial division in germany
- the municipalities of brazil. (municípios do brasil. are administrative division s of the brazilian states . 564 municipalities, making the
- also known as municipalities, are the smallest government division in switzerland , numbering 2,596 (2010 , 02 , lc on while many have a
- in bosnia and herzegovina the smallest settlement unit is the municipality (opština/општина or općina/опћина in the official languages and
- municipalities in bolivia are administrative divisions of the entire national territory governed by local elections. municipalities are
- a municipality (bayan; munisipalidad; kapampangan : balen; balayan) is a local government unit (lgu) in the philippines . municipalities

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