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- external links: http://myanma. com/ burma myanmar search engine. bm , burma http://ucblibraries. colorado. edu/govpubs/for/myanmar. htm burma from
- the myanmar language commission transcription system (1980), also known as the mlc transcription system (mlcts), is a transliteration
- myanma airways corporation. (မြန်မာ့လေကြောင်း is the sole national flag carrier and state-owned airline of myanmar , based in yangon it
- the myanma port authority. (မြန်မာ့ဆိပ်ကမ်းအာဏာပိုင. abbreviated mpa) is a government agency vested with the responsibility to regulate and
- myanma oil and gas enterprise (moge) is a national oil and gas company of myanmar . it was established in 1963. history: myanma oil and gas
- on the 24 august 1998 myanma airways flight 635, run by a fokker f-27 friendship (registration xy-aen) took off from yangon international
- the regime believes that myanma is more inclusive of minorities than bama, while opponents point out that historically, myanma is only a
- also spelled myanma railways; formerly burma railways) is the state-owned agency that operates the railway network in myanmar .
- in 2004, the sizes of the 200, 500, and 1,000 kyats were reduced in size (to make all myanma banknotes uniform in size) but larger notes
- myanma alia is a burmese free-to-air terrestrial television channel such: myanmar tv . see also : list of newspapers in burma

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