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Native Na"tive, n. 1. One who, or that which, is born in a place or country referred to; a denizen by birth; an animal, a fruit, or vegetable, produced in a certain region; as, a native of France. 2. (Stock Breeding) Any of the live stock found in a region, as distinguished from such as belong to pure and distinct imported breeds. [U.S.]

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- the term 'native' can have many different social and political connotations in different contexts. stating that one is a native of a
- native americans are the indigenous peoples within the boundaries of the present-day united states , including those in alaska and hawaii
- native plant is a term to describe plants endemic (indigenous ) or naturalized to a given area in geologic time . this includes plants
- indigenous peoples of the united states are commonly known as native americans or american indians, and alaskan natives according to a
- see also : native plant references: 30em. further reading : title on the identification of areas of endemism , author juan j. morrone , journal
- an introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-native species, or simply an introduction, is a species living outside its native
- a first language (also native language, mother tongue, arterial language, or l1) is the language (s) a person has learned from birth or
- it refers more specifically to the aboriginal peoples residing within the boundaries of the united states the parallel term 'native
- native hawaiians (hawaiian : kānaka ʻōiwi, kānaka maoli, and hawaiʻi maoli) refers to the indigenous polynesia n people of the hawaiian
- are a native american people historically settled in the southeastern united states (principally georgia , north carolina , south

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American A*mer"i*can, a. [Named from Americus Vespucius.] 1. Of or pertaining to America; as, the American continent: American Indians. 2. Of or pertaining to the United States. ``A young officer of the American navy.' --Lyell. American ivy. See Virginia creeper. American Party (U. S. Politics), a party, about 1854, which opposed the influence of foreign-born citizens, and those supposed to owe allegiance to a foreign power. Native american Party (U. S. Politics), a party of principles similar to those of the American party. It arose about 1843, but soon died out.

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- the know nothing movement was an american political movement that operated on a 'native american' party had no continuity with the know-
- native americans are the indigenous peoples within the boundaries of the present- 'american indians' or simply 'indians'; this term has
- the indigenous peoples of the americas are the pre-columbian inhabitants of north are commonly known as native americans or american
- the democratic party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in welter prevalent in antebellum american politics and with a
- native americans although many native americans had migrated west to evade american encroachment, others remained settled in the state,
- native american and european contact groups have more than one million members white american s are the largest racial group ; german
- native american population when the republican party took control of both chambers of the state legislature, consolidating a republican
- of british america that supported the american revolution are primarily referred to limited participation by native american warriors except
- the united states of america the constitution originally consisted of seven articles. native americans: the iroquois nations ' political
- inhabited by several groups of american indians, including the lenape native americans: before delaware was settled by european colonists, the

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Koala Ko*a"la, n. A tailless marsupial (Phascolarctos cinereus), found in Australia. The female carries her young on the back of her neck. Called also Australian bear, native bear, and native sloth.

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- the koala (phascolarctos cinereus or inaccurately, koala bear native bear, and tree-bear have also been used. indigenous names include
- the florida black bear (ursus americanus floridanus) is a subspecies of the american black bear that has historically ranged throughout
- little bear was a cree leader who lived in the alberta , idaho , montana , and little bear and claimed he was not native to the united states.
- the american black bear (ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to north america . smallest and most widely distributed bear species.
- bear mountain indian mission school is a historic native american missionary school in amherst, virginia . the school was used by the
- kule loklo ('bear valley') is a recreated coast miwok native american village located a short walk from the visitor center of the point
- the polar bear (ursus maritimus ) is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the arctic circle , encompassing the
- luther standing bear (december 1868-february 20, 1939)(a/k/a ota kte 'plenty kill' and leave a legacy and treasure of native american wisdom
- the formosan black bear (台灣黑熊, ursus thibetanus formosanus, or selenarctos largest land animals and the only native bears (ursidae ) in taiwan
- the brown bear (ursus arctos) is a large bear distributed across much of northern many native american tribes both respected and feared

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Orange Or"ange, n. [F.; cf. It. arancia, arancio, LL. arangia, Sp. naranjia, Pg. laranja; all fr. Ar. n[=a]ranj, Per. n[=a]ranj, n[=a]rang; cf. Skr. n[=a]ranga orange tree. The o- in F. orange is due to confusion with or gold, L. aurum, because the orange resembles gold in color.] 1. The fruit of a tree of the genus Citrus (C. Aurantium). It is usually round, and consists of pulpy carpels, commonly ten in number, inclosed in a leathery rind, which is easily separable, and is reddish yellow when ripe. Note: There are numerous varieties of oranges; as, the bitter orange, which is supposed to be the original stock; the navel orange, which has the rudiment of a second orange imbedded in the top of the fruit; the blood orange, with a reddish juice; and the horned orange, in which the carpels are partly separated. 2. (Bot.) The tree that bears oranges; the orange tree. 3. The color of an orange; reddish yellow. Mandarin orange. See Mandarin. Mock orange (Bot.), any species of shrubs of the genus Philadelphus, which have whitish and often fragrant blossoms. Native orange, or Orange thorn (Bot.), an Australian shrub (Citriobatus parviflorus); also, its edible yellow berries. Orange bird (Zo["o]l.), a tanager of Jamaica (Tanagra zena); -- so called from its bright orange breast. Orange cowry (Zo["o]l.), a large, handsome cowry (Cypr[ae]a aurantia), highly valued by collectors of shells on account of its rarity. Orange grass (Bot.), an inconspicuous annual American plant (Hypericum Sarothra), having minute, deep yellow flowers. Orange oil (Chem.), an oily, terpenelike substance obtained from orange rind, and distinct from neroli oil, which is obtained from the flowers. Orange pekoe, a kind of black tea. Orange pippin, an orange-colored apple with acid flavor. Quito orange, the orangelike fruit of a shrubby species of nightshade (Solanum Quitoense), native in Quito. Orange scale (Zo["o]l.) any species of scale insects which infests orange trees; especially, the purple scale (Mytilaspis citricola), the long scale (M. Gloveri), and the red scale (Aspidiotus Aurantii).

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- the 'wild orange' is an australian native plant growing in western new south wales. its scientific name is capparis mitchellii.
- vikki vargas is a native of orange county , california. she is a graduate of sonora high school , and cal state fullerton . the orange
- coccinella leonina, common name orange-spotted ladybird is a species of ladybird native to new zealand . it is black with 16 orange
- orange county is a county in the u.s. state of california . in 1969, yorba linda –born orange county native richard nixon became the 37
- october 15, 1986) is a south orange, new jersey native and grammy award-winning music producer born to father curt hudson, songwriter/
- north carolina 17th infantry regiment, lloyd returned to his native orange county he quickly recognized the economic possibilities of the
- common names are numerous and include wyjeelah, nepine, split jack, nipang creeper, nipan, native orange and bush caper. swiss botanist
- philadelphus lewisii (lewis's mock-orange) is a deciduous shrub native to western north america , from northwestern california in the
- citrus indica is a species of citrus known by the common name indian wild orange it is native to india . this wild orange plant is likely
- south devon cattle, also known as orange elephants, are the largest of the british native breeds. they are believed to have descended from

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Paraffin Par"af*fin, Paraffine Par"af*fine, n. [F. paraffine, fr. L. parum too little + affinis akin. So named in allusion to its chemical inactivity.] (Chem.) A white waxy substance, resembling spermaceti, tasteless and odorless, and obtained from coal tar, wood tar, petroleum, etc., by distillation. It is used as an illuminant and lubricant. It is very inert, not being acted upon by most of the strong chemical reagents. It was formerly regarded as a definite compound, but is now known to be a complex mixture of several higher hydrocarbons of the methane or marsh-gas series; hence, by extension, any substance, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous, of the same chemical series; thus coal gas and kerosene consist largely of paraffins. Note: In the present chemical usage this word is spelt paraffin, but in commerce it is commonly spelt paraffine. Native paraffin. See Ozocerite. Paraffin series. See Methane series, under Methane.

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- are very viscous at the temperature of the native underground formation. in this case, steam reduces the viscosity that ties paraffins
- and therefore, the dna, rna, and protein in frozen tissues retain their native characteristics much more than in paraffin embedded tissues.
- the most popular oils are lemon oil, u.s.p., lemon grass oil, native e.i., paraffin oils, linseed oil , and castor oil . on copper roofing
- fir and larch but with patches of native species such as ash tree s. lighting such as paraffin lamps) and use solar powered 12v electricity
- the most popular oils are lemon oil, u.s.p., lemon grass oil, native e.i., paraffin oils, linseed oil , and castor oil . on copper roofing
- occurring odoriferous mineral wax or paraffin found in many localities. as found native, ozokerite varies from a very soft wax to a black
- bologna is bathed in lactic acid before being coated in paraffin wax. this type of bologna is native to west tennessee and the surrounding
- coming unhinged, she makes a ring of fire with paraffin and places the baby with it, in imitation of a native treatment of scorpions which
- next, they began herding the native kashmiris into shops and houses then the security forces shot them, splashed paraffin over the bodies
- it was supplied with a paraffin engine powered generator for name for strychnos pungens , a tree that grow natively on the hills in the region

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Leipoa Lei*po"a (l[-i]*p[=o]"[.a]), n. [NL.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of Australian gallinaceous birds including but a single species (Leipoa ocellata), about the size of a turkey. Its color is variegated, brown, black, white, and gray. Called also native pheasant. Note: It makes large mounds of sand and vegetable material, in which its eggs are laid to be hatched by the heat of the decomposing mass.

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- elliot's pheasant, syrmaticus ellioti, is a large pheasant native to south-eastern china. description: males are up to 80 , cm , abbr on long
- the green pheasant (phasianus versicolor) also known as japanese pheasant, is native to the japanese archipelago , to which it is endemic
- the salvadori's pheasant (lophura inornata) is a bird of genus lophura , native to indonesia . it is found in the mountain rainforests
- the common pheasant (phasianus colchicus), is a bird in the pheasant family state birds that is not a species native to the united states.
- chinese pheasant can refer to any pheasant species originally native to china . usually it means either: the common pheasant (phasianus
- the mascot is a native pheasant academics : dong hwa serves over 10,000 students and confers undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees in
- chrysolophus is a genus of the pheasant family of bird s. the golden pheasant is native to western china , and lady amherst's pheasant
- the golden pheasant or 'chinese pheasant', (chrysolophus pictus) is a gamebird of it is native to forests in mountainous areas of western
- north america has fewer native pheasants species but introduced species such as grey partridge, ring-necked pheasant and, especially,
- the lady amherst's pheasant (chrysolophus amherstiae) is a bird of the order these are native to south western china and myanmar , but

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Seal Seal (s[=e]l), n. [OE. sele, AS. seolh; akin to OHG. selah, Dan. s[ae]l, Sw. sj["a]l, Icel. selr.] (Zo["o]l.) Any aquatic carnivorous mammal of the families Phocid[ae] and Otariid[ae]. Note: Seals inhabit seacoasts, and are found principally in the higher latitudes of both hemispheres. There are numerous species, bearing such popular names as sea lion, sea leopard, sea bear, or ursine seal, fur seal, and sea elephant. The bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus), the hooded seal (Cystophora crustata), and the ringed seal (Phoca f[oe]tida), are northern species. See also Eared seal, Harp seal, and Fur seal, under Eared, Harp, Monk, and Fur. Seals are much hunted for their skins and fur, and also for their oil, which in some species is very abundant. Harbor seal (Zo["o]l.), the common seal (Phoca vitulina). It inhabits both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Ocean, and often ascends rivers; -- called also marbled seal, native seal, river seal, bay seal, land seal, sea calf, sea cat, sea dog, dotard, ranger, selchie, tangfish.

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- drymophila cyanocarpa, also known as turquoise berry or native solomon's seal, is a species of flowering plant in the family
- the harp seal or saddleback seal is a species of earless seal native to the northernmost atlantic ocean and parts of the arctic ocean .
- baikal seal , native to lake baikal, siberia. nerpa, nepal russian submarine k-152 nerpa , an akula ii class submarine. nerpa vest , a russian
- the seal salamander (desmognathus monticola) is a species of lungless salamander native to the mid- and southeastern united states .
- polygonatum commutatum, solomon's seal or smooth solomon's seal, is a widespread native plant of north america, located mainly from the
- the hawaiian monk seal, monachus schauinslandi, is an endangered species of the hawaiian monk seal is the only seal native to hawaii
- caribbean monk seal, west indian seal (monachus tropicalis), or sea wolf, as early explorers referred to it, was a species of seal native to
- there are two species, both native to australia : turquoise berry or native solomons seal, native to tasmania , victoria and southern new
- submarine , was the second ship of the united states navy to be named for the sea lion , any of several large, eared seals native to the pacific.
- the california sea lion (zalophus californianus) is a coastal eared seal native to western north america . it is one of five species of