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Operate Op"er*ate, v. t. 1. To produce, as an effect; to cause. The same cause would operate a diminution of the value of stock. --A. Hamilton. 2. To put into, or to continue in, operation or activity; to work; as, to operate a machine.

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- 'operate' is a dance-punk song written and recorded by peaches . the song was released as a double limited vinyl a-side with 'shake yer
- in this context, the verb operate means to perform surgery. the adjective surgical means pertaining to surgery; e.g. surgical instrument s
- driving in traffic is more than just knowing how to operate the mechanisms which control the vehicle; it requires knowing how to apply the
- image:geely assembly line in beilun, ningbo. jpg , car assembly line, a classical production system studied in operations management
- the naval component is the multinational combined task force 150 (ctf-150) which operates under the direction of the united states fifth
- operator (disambiguation. image:avenue of stars boom operator. jpg , statue of a boom operator on the avenue of stars in hong kong .
- conflict bering sea anti-poaching operations , partof , image file:old salts uss mohican 1888. jpg , 300px caption'old salts of the square-
- build–operate–transfer (bot) or build–own–operate–transfer (boot) is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a
- how we operate is the fifth studio album by the british rock band gomez , which was released in may 2006. the album was produced by gil
- how a mosquito operates (1912), also known as the story of a mosquito, is a silent animated film by american cartoonist and animator

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