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- an orbiter is a space probe that orbits a planet or other astronomical object . an orbiter can be either man-made, or created naturally
- orbiter is a freeware space flight simulator program developed to simulate a retired space shuttle orbiter formerly operated by nasa ,
- the space shuttle orbiter was the orbital spacecraft of the space shuttle program operated by nasa , the space agency of the united
- science laboratory mission), and three orbiters currently surveying the planet: mars odyssey , mars express , and mars reconnaissance orbiter .
- orbiter is a graphic novel by warren ellis and colleen doran , published in 2003 com/articles/2005/09/27/orbiter-review ign review of
- india 's national space agency, indian space research organization (isro), launched chandrayaan-1 , an unmanned lunar orbiter, on october
- the orbiter is a fairground ride invented by richard woolls in 1976. the orbiter/typhoon/predator arms don't always tilt at the same
- orbiter (formerly known as sol loco) is a huss skylab at canada's wonderland in com/ride/canadas_wonderland/the_orbiter , title orbiter
- snowstorm or blizzard), grau index 11f35 k1 was a soviet orbital vehicle into a temporary orbit before the orbiter separated as programmed.
- lander/orbiter pairs : venera 9 and 10: the soviet probe venera 9 entered orbit on october 22, 1975, becoming the first artificial satellite

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