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Bipartient Bi*par"tient, a. [L. bis twice + partiens, p. pr. of partire to divide.] Dividing into two parts. -- n. A number that divides another into two equal parts without a remainder., Pourparty Pour`par"ty, n.; pl. Pourparties. [See Purparty.] (Law) A division; a divided share. To make pourparty, to divide and apportion lands previously held in common., Superpartient Su`per*par"tient, a. [L. superpartiens; super over + partiens, p. pr. of partire to divide.] (Math.) Of or pertaining to a ratio when the excess of the greater term over the less is more than a unit, as that of 3 to 5, or 7 to 10. [Obs.] --Hutton., Tripartient Tri*par"tient, a. [See Tripartite.] (Arith.) Dividing into three parts; -- said of a number which exactly divides another into three parts.

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- parti or partie may refer to: parti (surname) partie, surname of douglas partie the french expression parti pris primarily an architectural
- robert douglas ('doug') partie (born october 21, 1961 in santa barbara, california ) is a former american volleyball player, who was a
- partie traumatic is the debut album by american indie rock band black kids , released by almost gold on july 7, 2008 in the united
- partie de cartes (also known as card game and the messers. lumière at cards (usa), or a quiet game of Écarté ) is an 1895 french short
- partie de campagne (english title: a day in the country) is a 1936 french featurette written and directed by jean renoir , based on a
- lochaber-partie-ouest is a township municipality in the canadian province of quebec , located within the papineau regional county
- ristigouche-partie-sud-est is a township municipality in quebec , canada. it is a rural township without population centres.
- in mathematics, hadamard regularization (also called hadamard finite part or hadamard's partie finie) is a method of regularizing divergent
- une partie de plaisir (a piece of pleasure) is a 1975 french film directed by claude chabrol and starring its screenwriter and longtime
- sacré-cœur-de-marie-partie-sud was a former parish municipality in l'amiante regional county municipality in the chaudière-appalaches

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