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Pinus Pi"nus, n. [L., a pine tree.] (Bot.) A large genus of evergreen coniferous trees, mostly found in the northern hemisphere. The genus formerly included the firs, spruces, larches, and hemlocks, but is now limited to those trees which have the primary leaves of the branchlets reduced to mere scales, and the secondary ones (pine needles) acicular, and usually in fascicles of two to seven. See Pine.

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- pinu) is a centre-left political party in honduras , established in 1970. pinu was created by miguel andonie fernández as a democratic
- pinu village is located about 90 kilometers west of port moresby, and an hour and half travel by road on hiritano highway. themselves 'abadi pinu'.
- pinus ponderosa, commonly known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, blackjack pine or western yellow pine, is a very large pine tree of
- pinus strobus, commonly known as the eastern white pine, white pine, northern white pine, weymouth pine, and soft pine is a large pine
- pinus contorta, with the common names lodgepole pine and shore pine, and also known as twisted pine and contorta pine, is a common tree in
- pinus palustris, commonly known as the longleaf pine, is a pine native to the southeastern united states , found along the coastal plain
- the monterey pine, pinus radiata, family pinaceae , also known as the insignis pine or radiata pine is a species of pine native to the
- pinus taeda, commonly known as loblolly pine. is one of several pine s native to the southeastern united states , from central texas east
- there are three main subgenera of pinus , the subgenus strobus (white pines or soft pines), the subgenus ducampopinus (pinyon , bristlecone
- pinus elliottii, commonly known as the slash pine, is a pine native to the southeastern united states , from southern south carolina west

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Arolla A*rol"la ([.a]*r[o^]l"l[.a]), n. [F. arolle.] (Bot.) The stone pine (Pinus Cembra).

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- pinus cembra, also known as swiss pine, swiss stone pine or arolla pine, is a species of pine tree that grows in the alps and carpathian
- eurasia : swiss pine (pinus cembra) mountain pine (pinus mugo) arctic white birch (betula pubescens subsp. tortuosa) rowan (sorbus aucuparia
- pinus sibirica, or siberian pine, in the family pinaceae is a species of pine the very similar swiss pine (pinus cembra) by some botanists.
- pinus cembra subsp. pinus pumila (common name s siberian dwarf pine, dwarf siberian pine dwarf stone pine, japanese stone pine, or creeping
- it also contains fine tree specimens including cedrus libani , ginkgo biloba , metasequoia glyptostroboides , pinus cembra ,
- pinus peuce (macedonian pine) (macedonian : Молика, molika) is a species of pine synonyms include pinus cembra var. fruticosa griseb.,
- there are three main subgenera of pinus , the subgenus strobus (white pines or soft subsection cembra: europe, northern asia, western north
- pinus cembra pinus contorta pinus contorta ssp. latifolia. pinus contorta ssp. murrayana. pinus coulteri pinus densata pinus densiflora
- corylus avellana , laburnum alpinum , larix decidua , pinus cembra , pinus montana , pinus mugo , pseudotsuga douglasii and sambucus racemosa .
- canandensis (eastern redbud), acer palmatum ‘dissectum-pendula, pinus cembra (swiss stone pine) and picea apies ‘repens (weeping norway spruce).

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Slash pine Slash" pine" (Bot.) A kind of pine tree (Pinus Cubensis) found in Southern Florida and the West Indies; -- so called because it grows in ``slashes.'

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- pinus cubensis, or cuban pine, is a pine endemic to the eastern highlands of the island of cuba , inhabiting both sierra nipe-cristal and
- larvae feed on various pine species, including pinus caribaea , pinus cubensis , pinus banksiana , pinus taeda , pinus contorta , pinus
- the larvae feed on the cones of pinus cubensis , pinus caribea and pinus tropicalis references : category:animals described in 1919 category
- for a taxonomy of the genus, see pinus classification . southwestern united states, mexico, central america and : pinus cubensis - cuban pine
- pinaceae : pinus cubensis pinus occidentalis pinus tropicalis podocarpaceae : podocarpus podocarpus angustifolius podocarpus aristulatus
- p : pinus cubensis (cuban pine) pinus tropicalis (tropical pine) pisonia ekmani pithecellobium savannarum plinia rupestris podocarpus
- maestra, developing on landslide areas over granitic rock, while the pino de mayarí (pinus cubensis ) predominates in the nipe-sagua-baracoa.
- there are three main subgenera of pinus , the subgenus strobus (white pines or soft p. cubensis - cuban pine p. echinata - shortleaf pine
- hilarographa cubensis is a species of moth of the tortricidae family. it is found on cuba . the larvae feed on pinus species. references
- pinuspines pinus albicauliswhitebark pine pinus aristatacolubrina ellipticasoldierwood colubrina cubensiscuban nakedwood

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Lambert pine Lam"bert pine` [So called from Lambert, an English botanist.] (Bot.) The gigantic sugar pine of California and Oregon (Pinus Lambertiana). It has the leaves in fives, and cones a foot long. The timber is soft, and like that of the white pine of the Eastern States.

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- pinus lambertiana, commonly known as the sugar pine or sugar cone pine, is the tallest and most massive pine (genus pinus), and has the
- the sugar pine tortrix (choristoneura lambertiana) is a moth of the tortricidae choristoneura lambertiana lambertiana feed on pinus lambertiana .
- california conifers such as pinus lambertiana and pinus coulterii. the arboretum's first plantings were made in 1926. because genetic
- the grove contains many conifer s, including a few sequoiadendron giganteum as well as abies concolor and pinus lambertiana .
- he is best known for his work a description of the genus pinus , of the sugar pine pinus lambertiana, and the name of the genus lambertia .
- us/spfo/pubs/silvics_manual/volume_1/pinus/lambertiana. htm , title pinus lambertiana , author bohun b. kinloch, jr. and william h.
- us/spfo/pubs/silvics_manual/volume_1/pinus/lambertiana. htm , title pinus lambertiana , author bohun b. kinloch, jr. and william h.
- pine nuts are the edible seed s of pine s (family pinaceae , genus pinus). sugar pine (pinus lambertiana) and parry pinyon (pinus quadrifolia).
- lower montane forest :: pinus lambertiana - sugar pine. pseudotsuga menziesii - douglas-fir. quercus kelloggii - california black oak
- pinaceae : pinus  lambertiana pinus  monticola pinus  ponderosa pseudotsuga  menziesii tsuga  mertensiana dicots amaranthaceae

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Pinite Pi"nite, n. [L. pinus the pine tree.] 1. (Paleon.) Any fossil wood which exhibits traces of having belonged to the Pine family. 2. (Chem.) A sweet white crystalline substance extracted from the gum of a species of pine (Pinus Lambertina). It is isomeric with, and resembles, quercite.

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Tamarack Tam"a*rack, n. (Bot.) (a) The American larch; also, the larch of Oregon and British Columbia (Larix occidentalis). See Hackmatack, and Larch. (b) The black pine (Pinus Murrayana) of Alaska, California, etc. It is a small tree with fine-grained wood.

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- pinus contorta, with the common names lodgepole pine and shore pine, and also known at chest height the murrayana subspecies is the tallest.
- pinus aristata pinus armandii pinus attenuata pinus banksiana pinus cembra murrayana. pinus coulteri pinus densata pinus densiflora
- these isolated forests, predominantly tamarack pine (pinus contorta subsp. murrayana), sugar pine (pinus lambertiana), parry pinyon (pinus
- the lodgepole pine , particularly the subspecies pinus contortus ssp. murrayana, the tamarack pine. this pine subspecies is most common in
- ten pine species can be found in the ranges, including tamarack pine (pinus contorta subsp. murrayana), sugar pine (pinus lambertiana),
- upper montane forest :: pinus contorta murrayana - lodgepole pine. other trees. pinus monticola - western white pine. populus tremuloides -
- boletus rex-veris is found under pines (pinus ponderosa , p. contorta subsp. murrayana ) and firs (abies concolor and abies species) at
- (pinus jeffreyi), white fir (abies concolor), sierra lodgepole pine murrayana), california incense cedar (calocedrus decurrens), sugar
- murrayana), which occurs in vast stands in the upper montane zone, (pinus flexilis) occurs in pure stands on nutrient-poor, often steep
- banksiana , p. contorta var. latifolia and p. contorta var. murrayana ) broadest range of host species, parasitizing 20 species of pinus .

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Pinaster Pi*nas"ter, n. [L., fr. pinus a pine.] (Bot.) A species of pine (Pinus Pinaster) growing in Southern Europe.

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- pinus pinaster, the maritime pine or cluster pine, is a pine native to the western and southwestern mediterranean region. name 'pinaster'
- these natural environments are shaped by diverse flora, and include widespread species of pine (especially the pinus pinaster and pinus
- a number of conifers have become invasive species in parts of new zealand , while pinus pinaster , pinus patula and pinus radiata have
- the larvae feed on pinus pinaster , pinus pinea , pinus sylvestris , abies alba and picea abies . the feeding is confined to a zone
- the most recently described species, a. salvaterrensis , was found in pinus pinaster forests in galicia (northwest iberian peninsula ).
- pinus pinaster pinus ponderosa pinus pumila pinus pungens pinus resinosa pinus rigida pinus sibirica pinus strobiformis pinus strobus
- the forest is composed mostly of maritime pine, pinus pinaster . unlike many other european forests, the landes forest is almost entirely
- the larvae feed on pinus sylvestris and pinus pinaster references : category:tortricinae category:moths of japan category:moths of
- introduced juniperus species (including juniperus hybernica ) and pinus species (including pinus radiata , pinus pinaster and pinus elliottii ).
- maritime pine , pinus pinaster , , monterey pine , pinus radiata , , eastern white pine , pinus strobus , , sitka spruce