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- sextus propertius was a latin elegiac poet of the augustan age. he was born around 50–45 bc in assisium and died shortly after 15 bc
- the propertius duskywing (erynnis propertius) is a butterfly of the hesperiidae family. it is found from southern british columbia
- propertius is a genus of skippers in the family hesperiidae . references : http://www. nhm. ac. uk/jdsml/research-curation/projects/butmoth/
- but, like virgil , horace and propertius , he seems to have lost most of it in 41 bc amongst the confiscations of mark antony and
- homoerotic latin literature includes the 'juventius' poems of catullus elegies by tibullus and propertius the second eclogue of vergil
- 4.10.41–54, ovid mentions friendships with macer, propertius , horace , and bassus (he only barely met virgil and tibullus, a fellow
- mimnermus in turn exerted a strong influence on hellenistic poets such as callimachus and thus also on roman poets such as propertius ,
- most of the literature periodized as augustan was in fact written by men—vergil , horace , propertius , livy —whose careers were
- velzna) fell to the romans. propertius , the major literary source for the god, also asserts that the god was etruscan, and came from volsinii .
- propertius , to cite one example, notes plus in amore valet mimnermi versus homero - 'the verse of mimnermus is stronger in love than homer'.

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