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- a province is a territorial unit, almost always an administrative division , within a country or state . etymology: 'province' is attested
- iran is subdivided into thirty one province s (استان ostān, plural استان‌ها ostānhā), each governed from a local center, usually the
- a province (shěng), formally provincial level division, is the highest-level chinese administrative division. the claimed taiwan province
- each province is divided into a number of different districts (ilçe). the provincial governorate is set in the central district (merkez
- is a province in east -central canada it is the only canadian province that has a predominantly french -speaking population, and the
- each province is governed by an elected legislature called the sangguniang panlalawigan and by an elected governor . the provinces are
- in sri lanka , province s. (පළාත, மாகாணம் are the first level administrative division . they were first established by the british rulers of
- an ecclesiastical province is a large jurisdiction of religious government, so named by analogy with the secular roman province .
- argentina is subdivided into twenty-three province s (provincias, singular provincia) and one autonomous city (ciudad autónoma de buenos
- vietnam is divided into 58 province s (tỉnh , links no) and 5 municipalities existing at the same level as provinces (vi , thành phố trực

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