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- a psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that crosses the blood–brain barrier and acts
- these classes of psychoactive drugs have in common that they can cause subjective changes in perception , thought , emotion and
- in 1956 roger heim identified the psychoactive mushroom that the wassons had brought back from mexico as psilocybe, and in 1958, albert
- psychoactive toad is a name used for toads from which psychoactive substances from the family of bufotoxin s can be derived.
- acacia falcata , psychoactive, but less than 0.02% alkaloids psychoactive 0.2-0.3% alkaloids acacia farnesiana , traces of 5-meo-dmt in
- psychoactive plants are plants, or preparations thereof, that upon ingestion induce psychotropic effects. as stated in a reference work:
- the journal of psychoactive drugs is a peer-reviewed medical journal on psychoactive drug s. it was established in 1967 by david e smith
- many cacti are known to be psychoactive , containing alkaloid s such as mescaline and phenethylamines. however, the two main ritualistic
- the psychoactive substances bill is a proposed law in new zealand. it seeks to allow the legal sale of psychoactive substance s such as
- stimulants (also referred to as psychostimulants) are psychoactive drug s which induce temporary improvements in either mental or physical

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