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- thomas; tractatus de approbatione, auctoritate, et puritate doctrinae d. thomae aquinatis; a compendium of christian doctrine (in spanish
- burley's main work is the de puritate artis logicae tractatus longior, in which he covers such topics as the truth conditions for complex
- great affliction and labor which she had endured 'pro fidei puritate atque devotionis sinceritate servanda erga romanam ecclesiam matrem suam.'
- jpg , le puritate beach in gallipoli image:ugento cattedrale. jpg , cathedral of ugento references : external links : http://www.
- main sights : spiaggia la puritate beach. transportation: nearest airports are brindisi (88 km) and bari (200 km). gallipoli can be reached
- writings are: 'de consolatione theologiae'; 'de modo confitendi'; 'de puritate conscientiae'; 'de corpore christi'; 'de celebratione missae'.

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