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- whereby the individuals and ideologies of one group come to perceive the members of an outgroup as both racially defined and morally inferior.
- in both cases, the asian imperial powers believed they were ethnically and racially preferenced too. academic variants: file:races and skulls.
- humanity (virtue) , human nature , human condition- name human , pname homo sapiens , image akha cropped hires. jpg - , image_caption adult
- major racially and ethnically structured institutions included slavery , indian wars , native american reservations , segregation ,
- the australian television series race relations , john safran's race relations date october 2010 the sociology of race and of ethnic
- see demographics of india for information about population of india. various attempts have been made, under the british raj and since,
- racially yours is an album recorded by the band the frogs . the album was originally presented to homestead records in 1991, but they
- responsibilities with regards to strategies for reducing crime and disorder, and the introduction law specific to 'racially aggravated' offences.
- the abolition of racially based land measures act, 1991 (act no. 108 of 1991) is an act of the parliament of south africa which repeal
- from western europe, poles , along with other eastern europeans viewed as racially inferior were subject to deeper discriminatory measures.

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