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- (left to right) representing the first 130 years of the history of more discreet variations see them represented by a mention and/or signature.
- historically, in canada , the term 'alderman' was used for those persons elected to a municipal council to represent the wards.
- allegory is a literary device in which characters or events in a literary, visual, or musical art form represent or symbolize ideas and
- graphs can be used to represent networks, while trees are generally used for sorting and searching , having their nodes arranged in some
- knowledge representation and reasoning (kr) is the field of artificial intelligence (ai) devoted to representing information about the
- animal rather than the human personification is used to represent a country. (painting).jpg , germania representing germany , in a painting
- existing among the representing objects y i conform in some consistent way to those existing among the corresponding represented objects x i.
- mathematical problem is a problem that is amenable to being represented , analyzed, and possibly solved, with the methods of mathematics .
- representing nyc is a network of professional artist s and educator s living and working in brooklyn , nyc . representing nyc acts as a
- representing the mambo is the ninth studio album by the american rock band little feat , released in 1990 (see 1990 in music ).

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