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Scribe Scribe, v. i. To make a mark. With the separated points of a pair of spring dividers scribe around the edge of the templet. --A. M. Mayer., Scribe Scribe (skr[imac]b), n. [L. scriba, fr. scribere to write; cf. Gr. ska`rifos a splinter, pencil, style (for writing), E. scarify. Cf. Ascribe, Describe, Script, Scrivener, Scrutoire.] 1. One who writes; a draughtsman; a writer for another; especially, an offical or public writer; an amanuensis or secretary; a notary; a copyist. 2. (Jewish Hist.) A writer and doctor of the law; one skilled in the law and traditions; one who read and explained the law to the people., Scribe Scribe, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scribed; p. pr. & vb. n. Scribing.] 1. To write, engrave, or mark upon; to inscribe. --Spenser. 2. (Carp.) To cut (anything) in such a way as to fit closely to a somewhat irregular surface, as a baseboard to a floor which is out of level, a board to the curves of a molding, or the like; -- so called because the workman marks, or scribe, with the compasses the line that he afterwards cuts. 3. To score or mark with compasses or a scribing iron. Scribing iron, an iron-pointed instrument for scribing, or marking, casks and logs.

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- a scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps the city keep track of its records. the profession,
- malo luafutu also called jeshua ioane luafutu (born on 29 may 1979), and better known by his stage name scribe, is a new zealand hip hop
- augustin eugène scribe (pronounced ɔɡystin‿øʒɛn skʁib , ; 24 december 1791 – 20 february 1861) was a french dramatist and librettist .
- a sofer, sopher, sofer setam, or sofer st'm (heb: 'scribe', סופר סת״ם ) is a jewish scribe who can transcribe torah scrolls , tefillin
- scribe is a markup language and word processing system which pioneered the use of descriptive markup scribe was revolutionary when it was
- a scrivener (or scribe ) was a person who could read and write who made their living by writing or copying written material.
- writing', is commonly used to refer to a room in medieval european monasteries devoted to the copying of manuscripts by monastic scribe s.
- a list of egyptian scribe s, almost exclusively from the ancient egypt ian periods. the hieroglyph used to signify the scribe , to write,
- scribe a unicode text renderer with a public api for performing low-level text layout. mainwindow a modern action-based main window,
- scribing is a style or method of graffiti in which a scribe is used to tag on glass surfaces. there are two popular types of scribes.

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