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Series dynamo Series dynamo (Elec.) (a) A series-wound dynamo. (b) A dynamo running in series with another or others., Series motor Series motor (Elec.) (a) A series-wound motor. (b) A motor capable of being used in a series circuit., Series turns Series turns (Elec.) The turns in a series circuit., Series winding Series winding (Elec.) A winding in which the armature coil and the field-magnet coil are in series with the external circuits; -- opposed to shunt winding. -- Se"ries-wound`, a.

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- séries+ is a canadian french language category a specialty channel devoted to scripted comedy and dramatic programming .
- series (singular or plural) may refer to anything of a serial form: mathematics and science : series (botany), a taxonomic rank between genus
- series without a fixed length are usually divided into seasons or series , yearly or semiannual installments of new episodes.
- the world series is the annual championship series of north american-based major league baseball (mlb), played since 1903 between the
- a limited series is a comic book series with a set number of installments. a limited series differs from an ongoing series in that the
- an animated series is a set of regularly presented animated television program s with a common series title, usually related to one another
- manga magazines—also known as 'anthologies'—often run several series concurrently, with approximately 20 to 40 pages allocated to each
- depending on the league, the playoffs may be either a single game, a series of games, or a tournament , and may use a single-elimination
- the x-files is an american science fiction horror drama television series created by chris carter . the program originally aired from
- a series is, informally speaking, the sum of the terms of a sequence . finite sequences and series have defined first and last terms,

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Series dynamo Series dynamo (Elec.) (a) A series-wound dynamo. (b) A dynamo running in series with another or others.

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- dynamo joe was a comic book series published by first comics from 1986–1988. created, plotted and drawn by doug rice, it was scripted
- captain dynamo (real name william warner) is a fictional comic book superhero , posthumous background concept in the monthly series dynamo 5 .
- dynamo duck (saturnin le canard) was the main character in the children's series 'the adventures of dynamo duck', which aired on television
- 124 and invincible 20, and for co-creating, with writer jay faerber , the series dynamo 5 , which debuted in march 2007 from image comics .
- dynamo 5 is a fictional comic book superhero team artist mahmud a. asrar , which appears in an eponymous series published by image comics .
- dynamo: magician impossible is a fly on the wall documentary series which follows the life of english magician /illusionist steven frayne
- widowmaker is a fictional comic book super-villain , appearing the image comics series noble causes and dynamo 5 . captain dynamo ,
- myriad (image comics), an image comics superhero who appears primarily in the comic book series dynamo 5 a comic book series published by
- steven frayne (born 17 december 1982), commonly known by his stage name 'dynamo', publicise his forthcoming series dynamo: magician impossible .
- houston dynamo and fc dallas , recognizing the best club in the state for the season. the houston dynamo clinched the 2006 series with a

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Series motor Series motor (Elec.) (a) A series-wound motor. (b) A motor capable of being used in a series circuit.

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- the following is a list of australian motor racing titles. , ! category! series! years! most recent champion! vehicle! most championships ,
- series organized by international motor sports association . races took place primarily in the united states and occasionally in canada .
- top gear is a british television show about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is from series 14 until series 19, prior to the launch of
- the universal motor is a type of electric motor that can operate on both ac and they are commutated series-wound motors or shunt-wound
- morris oxford is a series of motor car models produced by morris motors limited of the united kingdom , from the 1913 'bullnose' oxford
- the boss gp is a motor racing series in europe . the series was founded in 2001 as euroboss series. boss is an acronym that stands for big
- nascar sprint cup series motor race held annually at the daytona international speedway in daytona beach, florida . it is one of four
- traction motor refers to an electric motor providing the primary rotational torque reduced by the back-emf in a series wound motor, there is
- the northstar engine series of automobile engines is general motors ' most technically complex 90° v engine architecture.
- the rothmans international series was an australian formula 5000 motor racing series which ran from 1976 to 1979. history: wheeler series, the

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Series turns Series turns (Elec.) The turns in a series circuit.

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- wrong turn is an american horror film series. the main plot follows various families of deformed cannibals who hunt a group of people in
- turn-on was an american sketch comedy series that aired on abc in february 1969. only one episode was shown leaving one episode unaired
- turn is an upcoming 2014 period drama that is set to air on amc and is based on the first promo for the series aired during the december
- turn back time is a british television series produced by hat trick productions for bbc . it aired from 9 august to 13 september 2006,
- is a 50 episode anime series that aired between 1999 and 2000 on japan's fnn the general tone and mood of turn a gundam is much more
- is a series of turn-based grand strategy role-playing simulation video game s one of the first games in its genre, it was first released
- etherlords (Демиурги) is a fantasy turn-based strategy and card-dueling series for the pc , by russian developer nival interactive .
- is a series of turn-based strategy video games developed by msf/winds and published by square enix . it comprises several iterations
- girl genius is an ongoing comic book series turned webcomic , written and drawn by phil and kaja foglio and published by their company,
- lion books , a 1950 japanese manga series turned experimental anime. lion , a 1950 british comic book. lions' commentary on unix 6th

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Series winding Series winding (Elec.) A winding in which the armature coil and the field-magnet coil are in series with the external circuits; -- opposed to shunt winding. -- Se"ries-wound`, a.

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- a winding is a series of loops. winding may also refer to: kai winding (1922-1983), danish trombonist and jazz composer. winding number , an
- the pusher films by danish film director nicolas winding refn illustrate and explore the criminal underworld of copenhagen .
- imperfectly-coupled transformer whereby each winding behaves as a self-inductance constant in series with the winding's respective ohmic
- behind film series and caleb holt in the 2008 drama film, fireproof . saturday+winds+up+the+week+with+series+winding+up+their+runs , title
- the current i in each winding is related to the applied voltage v by measuring the voltage across a small sense resistor in series with each winding.
- equipment that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. in leakage inductance in series with the mutually
- motors or shunt-wound motors where the stator 's field coil s are connected in series or parallel with the rotor windings through a commutator .
- since the impedance of the series winding of the transformer is very small compared to that of the excitation branch, all of the input
- third brush dynamo but has additional regulator or 'variator' windings. extra series windings which act like an additional circuit resistance.
- a shunt generator is a method of generating electricity in which field winding and where the machine has a series compounding winding, the