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- settlement may refer to: consolidation (soil), a process by which soils decrease in volume. human settlement , a community where people live
- settlement, locality or populated place are general terms used in statistics , archaeology , geography , landscape history and other
- a village is a clustered human settlement or community , larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town with the population ranging from a
- israeli settlements in the occupied territories (commonly referred to as simply israeli settlements) are the jew ish civilian communities
- a town is a human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city . the size definition for what constitutes a 'town' varies
- urban-type settlement. (посёлок городско́го ти́па. posyolok gorodskogo tipa, abbreviated: ru , п.г.т. -
- a city is a relatively large and permanent settlement although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town within
- a hamlet is a type of settlement . the definition of hamlet varies by country. it usually refers to a small settlement in a rural area,
- the brisbane central business district stands on the original european settlement and is situated inside a bend of the brisbane river ,
- in 1957, the procedures for categorizing urban-type settlements were further refined. rural localities: multiple types of rural localities

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