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Sextuple Sex"tu*ple, a. [Formed (in imitation of quadruple) fr. L. sextus sixth: cf. F. sextuple.] 1. Six times as much; sixfold. 2. (Mus.) Divisible by six; having six beats; as, sixtuple measure., Subsextuple Sub*sex"tu*ple, a. Having the ratio of one to six; as, a subsextuple proportion. --Bp. Wilkins.

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- sextus pompeius magnus pius, in english sextus pompey (67 bc – 35 bc was a roman general from the late republic (1st century bc).
- sextus empiricus (c. 160 – 210 ad), was a physician and philosopher , and has been variously reported to have lived in alexandria , rome
- sextus julius caesar was the name of several ancient roman men of the julii caesares family. sextus was one of the three most common
- sextus pompeius festus was a roman grammar ian who probably flourished in the later 2nd century ad, perhaps at narbo (narbonne ) in gaul .
- sextus appuleius is the name of four figures during the 1st century bc and 1st century ad. the first sextus appuleius was married to
- sextus julius africanus (c.160 – c.240) was a christian traveller and historian of the late 2nd and early 3rd century ad. he is
- sextus tarquinius was the third and youngest son of the last king of rome , lucius tarquinius superbus (tarquin the proud).
- sextus propertius was a latin elegiac poet of the augustan age. he was born around 50–45 bc in assisium and died shortly after 15 bc
- sextus roscius (fl. 1st century bc), tried in rome for patricide in 80 bc, was defended successfully by the young cicero in his first
- sextus julius frontinus (ca. 40–103 ad) was one of the most distinguished roman aristocrats of the late 1st century ad: he was grandson

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