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- scribal abbreviations, or sigla (singular: siglum and sigil) are the abbreviation s used by ancient and medieval scribes writing in latin
- the codex bezae cantabrigensis, designated by siglum d ea or 05 (in the gregory-aland numbering), δ 5 (von soden ), is a codex of the
- codex regius designated by siglum l e or 019 (in the gregory-aland numbering), ε 56 (von soden ), is a greek uncial manuscript of the
- papyrus 46 (in the gregory-aland numbering), designated by siglum \mathfrak p 46, is one of the oldest extant new testament manuscript
- codex nanianus, designated by siglum u or 030 (in the gregory-aland numbering), ε 90 (von soden is a greek uncial manuscript s of the
- the curetonian gospels, designated by the siglum syr cur, are contained in a manuscript of the four gospels of the new testament in old
- the codex amiatinus, designated by siglum a, is the earliest surviving manuscript of the nearly complete bible in the latin vulgate
- codex tischendorfianus iii – designated by siglum Λ or 039 (in the gregory-aland numbering ), ε 77 (von soden – is a greek uncial
- codex zacynthius (designated by siglum Ξ or 040 in the gregory-aland numbering; a 1 in von soden is a greek new testament codex , dated
- the codex veronensis, designated by siglum b or 4 (in the beuron system), is a 4th or 5th century latin gospel book . the text, written

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