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Sneezewort Sneeze"wort`, n. (Bot.) A European herbaceous plant (Achillea Ptarmica) allied to the yarrow, having a strong, pungent smell.

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- achillea ptarmica (sneezewort, sneezeweed, bastard pellitory, european pellitory, fair-maid-of-france, goose tongue, sneezewort yarrow,
- the grassland has a wide range of wildflowers, such as sneezewort and harebell . the site also hosts the declining skylark and several
- three fields which have escaped agricultural improvement support wild flowers typical of old grassland, such as sneezewort and pignut .
- damp, herb rich areas have uncommon plants characteristic of old meadows such as great burnet , sneezewort and devil's bit scabious .
- sneezewort - a low-ranking rat who is a member of the rapscallions and was friends with sneezewort. and sneezewort deserted the rapscallions.
- great burnet, sanguisorba officinalis , is present in abundance, as are herbs such as sneezewort, achillea ptarmica , cuckooflower,
- locally uncommon plants include devil's bit scabious , sneezewort , pepper-saxifrage and red bartsia . the dividing hedges appear to be
- the last four gnomes in great britain live beside folly brook in warwickshire ; they are named after the flowers baldmoney , sneezewort ,
- (lotus uliginosus ), marsh bedstraw (galium palustre ), sneezewort (achillea ptarmica ), marsh marigold (caltha palustris ), meadowsweet
- achillea ptarmica : sneezewort, sneezeweed, sneezewort yarrow. achillea ptarmicoides maxim. achillea pyrenaica. achillea roseo-alba -

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