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- specialising , specialization , specialize , specialized , specializing partial template specialization , a particular form of class
- in the united states and canada, an academic major or major concentration (informally, major or concentration) is the academic discipline
- classification of medical specialization: medical specialties can be classified along several axes. these are: surgical or internal medicine
- in both cases, specialization enables the accomplishment of otherwise unattainable goals. it also reduces the ability of individuals to
- in computer science , run-time algorithm specialization is a methodology for any universal methods for specializing algorithms, which is
- specialisation, (or specialization) is an important way to generate propositional knowledge , by applying general knowledge, such as the
- currently, flss is vietnam's only high school specializing in teaching foreign languages (including chinese mandarin , english , russian
- is an american multinational corporation specializing in internet-related services and products. these include search , cloud computing
- dorling kindersley (dk) is a british multinational publishing company specializing in illustrated reference book s for adults and children
- or ˈxʁɔʏ̯tɐ , ) (brand name: de gruyter) is a scholarly publishing house specializing in academic literature. the company has its roots in

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