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Specific Spe*cif"ic, n. 1. (Med.) A specific remedy. See Specific, a., 3. His parents were weak enough to believe that the royal touch was a specific for this malady. --Macaulay. 2. Anything having peculiar adaption to the purpose to which it is applied. --Dr. H. More.

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- specific may refer to: specificity (disambiguation) specific, a cure or therapy for a specific illness. law : specific deterrence , focussed
- the sustainable product engineering centre for innovative functional industrial coatings (specific) is an academic and industrial consortium
- the second part is either called the specific name (a term used only in zoology) or the specific epithet (the term used in botany, which
- the specific name in zoological nomenclature (also: specific epithet or species epithet) is the second part (the second name) within the
- catalysts , greatly accelerating both the rate and specificity of metabolic reactions, from the digestion of food to the synthesis of dna .
- sensitivity and specificity are statistical measures of the performance of a binary classification test , also known in statistics as
- generic, specific, and infraspecific botanical names are usually printed in italics. the example set by the icbn is to italicize all
- generic name in a system of binomial nomenclature this trivial name is what is now known as a specific epithet (icn) or specific name (iczn).
- non-specific symptoms are those self-reported symptoms that do not indicate a specific disease process or involve an isolated body system
- history and motivation , history of special relativity in physics , special relativity (sr, also known as the special theory of relativity

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3. Importance, significance, dignity, etc; hence, seriousness; enormity; as, the gravity of an offense. They derive an importance from . . . the gravity of the place where they were uttered. --Burke. 4. (Physics) The tendency of a mass of matter toward a center of attraction; esp., the tendency of a body toward the center of the earth; terrestrial gravitation. 5. (Mus.) Lowness of tone; -- opposed to acuteness. Center of gravity See under Center. Gravity battery, See Battery, n., 4. Specific gravity, the ratio of the weight of a body to the weight of an equal volume of some other body taken as the standard or unit. This standard is usually water for solids and liquids, and air for gases. Thus, 19, the specific gravity of gold, expresses the fact that, bulk for bulk, gold is nineteen times as heavy as water.

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- in british brewing practice the specific gravity as specified above is multiplied by 1000 specific gravity is commonly used in industry as
- relative density, or specific gravity is the ratio of the density (mass of a unit volume) of a substance to the density of a given
- gravity, in the context of fermenting alcoholic beverage s, refers to the specific gravity , or relative density compared to water, of the
- specific gravity, in the context of clinical pathology , is a urinalysis parameter commonly used in the evaluation of kidney function and
- submerged specific gravity is a dimensionless measure of an object's buoyancy when immersed in a fluid . it can be expressed in terms of
- a hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density ) of liquids ; that is, the ratio of the density
- it is relatively simple to determine the state of charge by merely measuring the specific gravity (s.g.) of the electrolyte, the s.g.
- across different systems of units, it is sometimes replaced by the dimensionless quantity 'specific gravity ' or 'relative density ', i.e.
- a sucrose solution with an apparent specific gravity (20°/20°c) of 1.040 would be 9.99325 °bx or 9.99359 °p while the representative sugar
- parameters that can be measured or quantified in urinalysis include many substances and cells, as well as other properties, such as specific gravity .

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Despecificate De`spe*cif"i*cate, v. t. [Pref. de- (intens.) + specificate.] To discriminate; to separate according to specific signification or qualities; to specificate; to desynonymize. [R.] Inaptitude and ineptitude have been usefully despecificated. --Fitzed. Hall., Specifical Spe*cif"ic*al, a. Specific. --Bacon., Specifically Spe*cif"ic*al*ly, adv. In a specific manner., Specificalness Spe*cif"ic*al*ness, n. The quality of being specific., Specificate Spe*cif"i*cate, v. t. [See Specify.] To show, mark, or designate the species, or the distinguishing particulars of; to specify. [Obs.] --ir M. Hale.

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- carex specifica is a species of sedge known by the common name narrowfruit sedge. distribution: this sedge is native to montane california
- alysia specifica guenee, 1868 graphania nullifera is a moth of the noctuidae family. it was described by walker in 1857. it is found in
- name phyllophaga , image phyllophaga_sppccp20040419-4076a2. jpg , image_width 240px , image_caption phyllophaga , image2 phyllophaga
- the first and only edition was published in july 1737 under the full title critica botanica in qua nomina plantarum generica, specifica &
- species belonging to the genus, their names should consist of the generic name followed by differentia specifica (a brief diagnostic phrase).
- were named with a combination of the generic name and a modifier (differentia specifica). joseph pitton de tournefort (1656–1708)
- carex specifica carex stenoptila carex straminea carex straminiformis carex subbracteata carex suberecta carex subfusca carex tahoensis
- 1884 nomenclatura generica e specifica di alcune conchiglie mediterranee. - pp.  1–152. palermo. 1889 http://www. archive. generica e specifica
- relaxing decrees of a plenary council in particular cases in their own dioceses, unless the council was confirmed in forma specifica at rome.
- nomenclatura generica e specifica di alcune conchiglie mediterranee. palermo, virzi, 152 pp. crosse h. (1885). generica e specifica di

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Specifical Spe*cif"ic*al, a. Specific. --Bacon.

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- maimed in naples and the relief of travertine on the government building in livorno, assignments that followed specifical contests that he won.
- specifical holy days: file:ceremony of the coe at the community's temple in albacete. jpg , ritual of an odinist feast january (snowmoon)
- circuit bancaixa specifical rules: the circuit bancaixa changes slightly the escala i corda rules in order to promote the show and the tv
- however, they have a specifical attrition (when reach zero the weapon breaks apart and will be auto-replaced with the one on the second hand) .
- pmid 15038105 , year 2004 , last1 sakamoto , first1 c , title the role of mucoprotective drugs in gastric ulcer treatment: with specifical
- for more information, refer to the specifical article on vocal coach . for more on the professional training of voice teachers, see section
- strengthening of specifical awareness regarding the increasing importance of cardiac diseases and their treatment approach in nowadays' society
- what except a specifical and independent sort of emotion can it be which would make us immediately feel, even though an impulse arose
- of jessen works but mentions that the paintings lacked ever more in quality the harder jessen tried to portray a specifical frisian aspect.
- besides, its specifical feature was the motto of the series in russian , that was present inside each book: 'Когда серебряные трубы

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Specifically Spe*cif"ic*al*ly, adv. In a specific manner.

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- specific , specifically specific may refer to: specificity (disambiguation) specific, a cure or therapy for a specific illness
- immune system , passive immunity , innate immune system image:sem lymphocyte. jpg , a scanning electron microscope (sem) image of a single
- specific performance is an order of a court which requires a party to perform a specific act, usually what is stated in a contract.
- the bilthe balls suck specifically ' 'demonstrates that more information is needed to assess the number of individuals across the state who
- infantry is the branch of an army that fights on foot — soldiers specifically trained to engage, fight, and defeat the enemy in face-to-
- in biology and specifically, genetics , the term hybrid has several meanings, all referring to the offspring of sexual reproduction
- a hymn is a type of song , usually religious , specifically written for the purpose of praise, adoration or prayer , and typically
- theme music is a piece that is often written specifically for a radio program , television program , video game or movie , and usually
- hanja is the korean name for chinese characters (hanzi more specifically, it refers to those chinese characters borrowed from chinese
- world is a common name for the whole of human civilization , specifically human experience , history , or the human condition in general

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Specificalness Spe*cif"ic*al*ness, n. The quality of being specific.

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Despecificate De`spe*cif"i*cate, v. t. [Pref. de- (intens.) + specificate.] To discriminate; to separate according to specific signification or qualities; to specificate; to desynonymize. [R.] Inaptitude and ineptitude have been usefully despecificated. --Fitzed. Hall., Specificate Spe*cif"i*cate, v. t. [See Specify.] To show, mark, or designate the species, or the distinguishing particulars of; to specify. [Obs.] --ir M. Hale.

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- com/2009/12/10/wigig-alliance-completes-multi-gigabit-60ghz-wireless-specificat wigig alliance completes multi-gigabit 60ghz wireless
- com/2009/12/10/wigig-alliance-completes-multi-gigabit-60ghz-wireless-specificat/ , title wigig alliance completes multi-gigabit 60 ghz