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- asperula cynanchica (squinancywort or squincywort) is a species of flowering plant in the rubiaceae family . its common name is derived
- several localised plant species such as squinancywort asperula cynanchica chalk eyebright euphrasia pseudokerneri, horseshoe vetch
- horseshoe vetch hippocrepis comosa , common thyme thymus praecox , squinancywort asperula cynanchica and common rock-rose helianthemum nummularium .
- species: asperula cynanchica l. - squinancywort asperula euryphylla airy shaw & turrill. asperula gemella airy shaw & turrill - twin-leaved
- the extensive flora includes many typical species found in chalk grassland including horseshoe vetch (hippocrepis comosa), squinancywort
- the hill is now a national nature reserve (nnr) with common plants including milkwort , salad burnet , horseshoe vetch , squinancywort ,
- common milkwort (polygala vulgaris) and dwarf thistle (cirsium acaule other plant species found include squinancywort (asperula cynanchica).
- squinancywort , asperula cynanchica , , pink woodruff , asperula taurina , , northern bedstraw , galium boreale , ,
- are low-growing perennials including squinancy-wort (asperula cynanchica), chalk milkwort (polygala calcarea), dwarf thistle (cirsium

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