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Strongly Strong"ly, adv. In a strong manner; so as to be strong in action or in resistance; with strength; with great force; forcibly; powerfully; firmly; vehemently; as, a town strongly fortified; he objected strongly.

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- in computer programming , programming languages are often colloquially referred to as strongly typed or weakly typed. in general, these
- in particle physics , the strong interaction (also called the strong force, strong nuclear force, nuclear strong force or color force) is
- in the mathematical theory of directed graph s, a graph is said to be strongly connected if every vertex is reachable from every other
- strongly correlated materials are a wide class of electronic materials that show electronic structure of strongly correlated materials must
- in graph theory , a strongly regular graph is defined as follows. let g (v,e) be a regular graph with v vertices and degree k.
- in mathematics , strongly regular might refer to: strongly regular graph strongly regular ring , or 'strongly von neumann regular' ring
- in mathematical set theory , a strongly compact cardinal is a certain kind of large cardinal number . a cardinal κ is strongly compact if
- strongly interacting massive particles (simps) are hypothetical particles that interact strongly with ordinary matter, but could form the
- a problem is said to be strongly np-complete (np-complete in the strong sense), if it remains so even when all of its numerical parameters
- in finite group theory , an area of abstract algebra, a strongly embedded subgroup of a finite group g is a proper subgroup h of even order

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