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- the establishment of the swiss confederation is traditionally dated to 1 august 1291, which is celebrated annually as swiss national day .
- swiss international air lines ag (short: swiss) is the flag carrier airline of switzerland operating scheduled services in europe and
- the swiss. (die schweizer, les suisses, gli svizzeri, ils svizzers. widespread use to refer to the old swiss confederacy since the 16th century
- the swiss hitparade (schweizer hitparade) are switzerland 's main music sales charts . selling singles and albums in various genres in switzerland.
- the old swiss confederacy (modern german : de , alte eidgenossenschaft; historically de , eidgenossenschaft , after the reformation
- the swiss national football team (also known as the schweizer nati in german, la nati in french, squadra nazionale in italian) is the
- the swiss football association is the governing body of football in switzerland . it organizes the football league, the swiss football
- swiss americans are americans of swiss descent, including those whose ancestors spoke swiss german , swiss french , swiss italian , and
- the swiss super league or raiffeisen super league is the top tier of the swiss football league . the swiss super league is currently
- the swiss alps. (schweizer alpen, alpes suisses, alpi svizzere, alps svizras. portion of the alps mountain range that lies within switzerland .

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