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Thing Thing, Ting Ting, n. [Dan. thing, ting, Norw. ting, or Sw. ting.] In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly; -- used, esp. in composition, in titles of such bodies. See Legislature, Norway.

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- thing may refer to: philosophy : an object (philosophy), being, or entity. thing-in-itself (or noumenon ), the reality that underlies
- the thing is a fictional character , a superhero that appears in comic book s published by marvel comics . he is a founding member of the
- a thing (old norse , old english and icelandic : Ă¾ing; german , dutch ding; modern scandinavian languages : ting) was the governing
- the thing (also known as john carpenter's the thing) is a 1982 american science fiction horror film directed by john carpenter , written
- thing t. thing, often referred to as just thing (it's also stated the t. stands for 'thing'),date march 2013 was a fictional character in
- date may 2013 when a person finds a thing and takes that thing into that person's possession and control, then that thing becomes a thing-
- if a person has a mental obsession with cowboys, their partner could dress up as a cowboy to make it a real thing or 'plastic love.'
- in linguistics, demonstratives are often deictic words (they depend on an external frame of reference ) that indicate which entities the
- the change problem asks what that underlying thing is. according to substance theory , the answer is a substance, that which stands under
- the thing, also known as the great seal bug, was one of the first covert listening device s (or 'bugs') to use passive techniques to

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