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- trichoglossum is a genus of fungi in the family geoglossaceae . they are commonly called hairy earth tongues. is trichoglossum hirsutum
- trichoglossum hirsutum is a family of fungi in the fgenus trichoglossum. they are commonly called black earth tongues. description
- geoglossum species are distinguished from the related genus trichoglossum by the lack of setae on the spore bearing surface .
- leotia , microglossum , and spathularia ) were not allied within the same clade as the darker-spored genera (geoglossum and trichoglossum ).
- he named several species including amanita franchetii , disciotis venosa , ptychoverpa bohemica , and trichoglossum hirsutum .
- genera clavaria , clavulinopsis , and ramariopsis , and earthtongues belonging to the genera geoglossum , microglossum , and trichoglossum .
- (clavulinopsis helvola), gray shag (coprinopsis cinerea), black earth tongues (trichoglossum hirsutum arrhenia spathulata and marasmius limosus .
- title north american species of geoglossum and trichoglossum , journal mycologia , year 1954 , volume 46 , issue 5 , pages 586–631 ,
- 1(e) - endangered : trichoglossum hirsutum (fr.) boud. porphyrellus porphyrosporus (fr.) gilb. rhodotus palmatus (bull.: fr.) maire

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