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Water Wa"ter, v. i. 1. To shed, secrete, or fill with, water or liquid matter; as, his eyes began to water. If thine eyes can water for his death. --Shak. 2. To get or take in water; as, the ship put into port to water. The mouth waters, a phrase denoting that a person or animal has a longing desire for something, since the sight of food often causes one who is hungry to have an increased flow of saliva., Pennywort Pen"ny*wort`, n. (Bot.) A European trailing herb (Linaria Cymbalaria) with roundish, reniform leaves. It is often cultivated in hanging baskets. March, or Water, pennywort. (Bot.) See under March.

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- water is a chemical compound with the chemical formula h , 2 , o. a water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atom s
- drinking water or potable water is water safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm.
- water (h , 2 , o ) is the most abundant compound on earth's surface, covering about 70 percent of the planet. in nature, water exists
- water supply is the provision of water by public utilities , commercial organisations, community endeavors or by individuals, usually via
- water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g. lake s, river s, ocean s, aquifer s and groundwater ). water pollution occurs
- water resources are sources of water that are useful or potentially useful. uses of water include agricultural , industrial , household
- water quality refers to the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of water it is a measure of the condition of water relative
- hydro-power or water power is power derived from the energy of falling water and running water, which may be harnessed for useful
- irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil. it is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops ,
- a water tower is an elevated structure supporting a water tank constructed at a height sufficient to pressurize a water supply system for

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Water moccasin Wa"ter moc"ca*sin (Zo["o]l.) A venomous North American snake (Ancistrodon piscivorus) allied to the rattlesnake but destitute of a rattle. It lives in or about pools and ponds, and feeds largely of fishes. Called also water snake, water adder, water viper., Water adder Wa"ter ad"der (Zo["o]l.) (a) The water moccasin. (b) The common, harmless American water snake (Tropidonotus sipedon). See Illust. under Water Snake.

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- usually found in or near water, particularly in slow-moving and shallow lakes, streams, and marshes. common names: water adder. water rattlesnake
- a -: adder berg adder common adder deaf adder death adder water adder aesculapian snake anaconda bolivian anaconda de schauensee’s anaconda
- adder stone is a type of stone, usually glassy, with a naturally occurring hole to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water.
- (including the water python and death adder ), and includes a raised observation platform. saltwater crocodile s move into the fogg dam
- incarnation of the squad that included anaconda , black mamba and death adder . its resources to poison the water supply of washington dc,
- home to a wide variety of plant species, most notably adder's tongue , corky-fruited water-dropwort and large numbers of green-winged orchid .
- the united kingdom where the adder's-tongue spearwort (ranunculus common water-crowfoot , narrow-leaved water-plantain , marsh speedwell
- natrix maura is a natricine water snake of the genus natrix . due to behavioural and aesthetic similarities with sympatric adder species.
- blackadder water , a river in the scottish borders black adder , a finnish rock band. blackadder , an independent bottler of scotch whisky
- flying adder they have large, brown or black bodies with yellow markings. their eggs in the sand in shallow water, the female hovering just

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Water agrimony Wa"ter ag"ri*mo*ny (Bot.) A kind of bur marigold (Bidens tripartita) found in wet places in Europe.

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- against one possessed by a devil: put in holy water and in ale bishopwort, water-agrimony, agrimony, alexander, cockle; give him to drink
- instead of sugar when mixing the drug with water in forming the electuary 3 ounces of the leaves of agrimony and spleen wort ; 6 pounds of
- water rail and kingfisher , flora such as water crowfoot , purple loosestrife , hemp agrimony , water forget-me knot and branched bur-
- agrimonia, commonly known as agrimony, is a genus of 12–15 species of perennial preparation called eau d'arquebusade, or 'musket-shot water'.
- the best known of these nature reserves is the rutland water nature tongue , water avens , green-winged orchid , agrimony and great burnet .
- nightshade and wood sorrel . agrimony is another unusual find, growing in a riparian position on the annick water bank, together with wild
- water avens , geum rivale , , wood avens , geum urbanum , , agrimony , agrimonia eupatoria , , fragrant agrimony ,
- plants: agrimonia procerafragrant agrimony. ailanthus altissima – tree of heaven alisma plantago-aquatica – common water-plantain
- under jupiter : agrimony alexanders asparagus avens bay-tree white beet s water-bettony wood-bettony bilberries borrage bugloss
- the level of water must be kept near the surface to preserve the the common species in the reeds are teasels , common reed , hemp agrimony

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Water aloe Wa"ter al"oe (Bot.) See Water soldier.

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- aloe ˈ , æ , l , oʊ, also aloë, is a genus containing over 500 species of aloe barbadensis leaf water, aloe ferox leaf extract, aloe
- aloe vera is a succulent plant species that is found only in cultivation, having fresh food preservative or for water conservation in
- aloe pearsonii ('pearson's aloe') is very distinctive and unusual species of aloe with fattened blue-green leaves that indicate recent watering.
- aloe maculata (synonym aloe saponaria; commonly known as the soap aloe or zebra 'sapo' meaning soap, as the sap makes a soapy lather in water).
- aloe striata (the coral aloe) is a small, stemless south african aloe in the gardening trade and is used for water-wise landscaping worldwide.
- aloe ferox, also known as cape aloe, bitter aloe, red aloe and tap aloe, is a soils, full sun, and moderate watering with a good drainage system.
- aloe excelsa, also known as the zimbabwe aloe is an arborescent aloe . in its natural habitat, it thrives best when given plenty of water
- on this basis, loam is applied, mixed with sand, water and para this is then coated with aloe vera juice, which gives the white colour
- thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. subfamily asphodeloideae : aloe (succulents and
- there are several species of water-storing succulents like aloe s and euphorbias in the very hot and dry namaqualand area.

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Water antelope Wa"ter an"te*lope See Water buck., Water buck Wa"ter buck` (Zo["o]l.) A large, heavy antelope (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) native of Central Africa. It frequents the banks of rivers and is a good swimmer. It has a white ring around the rump. Called also photomok, water antelope, and waterbok. Note: The name is also applied to other related species, as the leche (Kobus leche), which has similar habits.

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- chinese water deer ) and female reindeer grow and shed new antler s each year, thereby differing from such permanently horn ed animals as
- antelope dam or antelope valley dam (national id ca00037) is a dam in plumas county, california , part of the california state water
- and diverse: members include bison , african buffalo , water buffalo , antelope s, gazelle s, sheep , goat s, muskox en, and domestic cattle .
- antelope valley is located in northern los angeles county, california and the human water use in the antelope valley depends mainly on
- antelope island, with an area of 42 , sqmi , km2 , 0, is the largest island of 10 was an abundance of fresh water on it and plenty of
- antelope reservoir is a large body of water impounded for irrigation in a semi-arid region of northeastern oregon in the united states.
- antelope canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the which means 'the place where water runs through rocks.'
- the subfamily reduncinae is composed of eight species of antelope s, all of which dwell in marsh es, floodplain s, or other well-watered
- ungulate s, including domestic cattle , bison , african buffalo , the water buffalo , the yak , and the four-horned and spiral-horned antelopes .
- hiran minar; urdu: ہرن مینار (minaret of antelope) is set in peaceful environs near antelope's grave and the distinctive water collection system.

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Water arum Wa"ter a"rum (Bot.) An aroid herb (Calla palustris) having a white spathe. It is an inhabitant of the north temperate zone.

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- calla (bog arum, marsh calla, wild calla, and water-arum) is a genus of flowering plant in the family araceae , containing the single
- cryptocoryne (water trumpet) is a genus of about 50-60 species of aquatic monocot plant s from the family araceae (arums).
- aquatic vegetation that is native to the lake itself include bulrush es, cattail s, water arum s, water plantain s, water lilies ,
- ca : calla palustris — wild calla , water arum. callitriche — water-starworts. callitriche hermaphroditicanarrowleaf water-starwort , northern
- threats: jpg , water arum image:jackinpulpitwr. jpg , arisaema triphyllum - jack in the pulpit file:aralia nudicaulis 001. jpg , aralia
- names spotless watermeal and rootless duckweed, belonging to the araceae , a family rich in water-loving species, such as arum and pistia .
- pistia is a genus of aquatic plant in the arum family, araceae . often called water cabbage, water lettuce, nile cabbage, or shellflower.
- duckweeds, or water lens, are flowering aquatic plant s which float on or just also known as 'bayroot', they arose from within the arum or
- the cyanide is carried away in the processing water and the amounts arum maculatum (commonly known as cuckoo-pint, lords and ladies, jack
- a wetland is a land area that is saturated with water , either permanently or examples include cattails (typha ) and arrow arum

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Water back Wa"ter back` See under 1st Back., Back Back, n. [F. bac: cf. Arm. bak tray, bowl.] 1. A large shallow vat; a cistern, tub, or trough, used by brewers, distillers, dyers, picklers, gluemakers, and others, for mixing or cooling wort, holding water, hot glue, etc. Hop back, Jack back, the cistern which receives the infusion of malt and hops from the copper. Wash back, a vat in which distillers ferment the wort to form wash. Water back, a cistern to hold a supply of water; esp. a small cistern at the back of a stove, or a group of pipes set in the fire box of a stove or furnace, through which water circulates and is heated. 2. A ferryboat. See Bac, 1.

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- backwater , back water backwater or backwaters may refer to: lagoon , a shallow body of water separated from a larger body. potable water
- which lies alongside it and then rejoins it or to a body of water in a main river which is backed up by an obstruction such as the tide or a dam
- back water blues is a 1927 jazz standard . it was written by bessie smith see also : list of jazz standards references : category:1920s jazz
- the black-backed water tyrant (fluvicola albiventer) is a species of bird in the tyrannidae family, the tyrant flycatcher s.
- water resistant is a common mark stamped on the back of wrist watch es to indicate how well a watch is sealed against the ingress of water.
- the back sound is a large and shallow body of water in eastern north carolina . it located between the mainland of carteret county and
- back lake is a 348 , acre , ha water body located in coos county in northern new hampshire , united states , in the town of pittsburg .
- water privatization in morocco goes back to the times of the french protectorate when most water supply system s were run under a private
- aquifer storage and recovery (asr) is the re-injection of potable water back into an aquifer for later recovery and use. asr has been
- it holds water back from the fulton chain of lakes to avoid flooding the moose river . references : last1 donnelly , first1 bill , others