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White White, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Whited; p. pr. & vb. n. Whiting.] [AS. hw[=i]tan.] To make white; to whiten; to whitewash; to bleach. Whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of . . . uncleanness. --Matt. xxiii. 27. So as no fuller on earth can white them. --Mark. ix. 3.

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- white is the color of milk and fresh snow it is the color produced by the reflection , transmission or emission of all wavelengths of
- gilbert white frs (18 july 1720 – 26 june 1793) was a 'parson-naturalist ', a pioneering english naturalist and ornithologist .
- white's is a gentleman's club in st james's street , london. it is the oldest and most exclusive gentleman's club in london it gained a
- cyril tenison ('c.t.') white (17 august 1890 – 15 august 1950) was an australia n botanist. white was born in brisbane to henry white, a
- francis buchanan white (20 march 1842, perth - 3 december 1894, perth) was a scottish entomologist and botanist . he studied medicine at
- charles david white (july 1, 1862 – february 7, 1935), who normally went by the name david white, was an american geologist , born in
- frank white (5 march 1927 – 12 september 1994) was a botanist who was an expert on african flora and curator of the herbarium at the
- white people is a set of ethnic groups, and functions as a colour metaphor for race the definition of 'white person' differs according to
- by some calculations in the 2000 census the largest part white bi-racial population is white/native american and alaskan native, at 7,015,
- white americans are people of the united states who are considered or consider themselves white . census bureau defines white people as

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Pepper Pep"per, n. [OE. peper, AS. pipor, L. piper, fr. Gr. ?, ?, akin to Skr. pippala, pippali.] 1. A well-known, pungently aromatic condiment, the dried berry, either whole or powdered, of the Piper nigrum. Note: Common, or black, pepper is made from the whole berry, dried just before maturity; white pepper is made from the ripe berry after the outer skin has been removed by maceration and friction. It has less of the peculiar properties of the plant than the black pepper. Pepper is used in medicine as a carminative stimulant. 2. (Bot.) The plant which yields pepper, an East Indian woody climber (Piper nigrum), with ovate leaves and apetalous flowers in spikes opposite the leaves. The berries are red when ripe. Also, by extension, any one of the several hundred species of the genus Piper, widely dispersed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the earth. 3. Any plant of the genus Capsicum, and its fruit; red pepper; as, the bell pepper. Note: The term pepper has been extended to various other fruits and plants, more or less closely resembling the true pepper, esp. to the common varieties of Capsicum. See Capsicum, and the Phrases, below. African pepper, the Guinea pepper. See under Guinea. Cayenne pepper. See under Cayenne. Chinese pepper, the spicy berries of the Xanthoxylum piperitum, a species of prickly ash found in China and Japan. Guinea pepper. See under Guinea, and Capsicum. Jamaica pepper. See Allspice. Long pepper. (a) The spike of berries of Piper longum, an East Indian shrub. (b) The root of Piper, or Macropiper, methysticum. See Kava. Malaguetta, or Meleguetta, pepper, the aromatic seeds of the Amomum Melegueta, an African plant of the Ginger family. They are sometimes used to flavor beer, etc., under the name of grains of Paradise. Red pepper. See Capsicum. Sweet pepper bush (Bot.), an American shrub (Clethra alnifolia), with racemes of fragrant white flowers; -- called also white alder. Pepper box or caster, a small box or bottle, with a perforated lid, used for sprinkling ground pepper on food, etc. Pepper corn. See in the Vocabulary. Pepper elder (Bot.), a West Indian name of several plants of the Pepper family, species of Piper and Peperomia. Pepper moth (Zo["o]l.), a European moth (Biston betularia) having white wings covered with small black specks. Pepper pot, a mucilaginous soup or stew of vegetables and cassareep, much esteemed in the West Indies. Pepper root. (Bot.). See Coralwort. pepper sauce, a condiment for the table, made of small red peppers steeped in vinegar. Pepper tree (Bot.), an aromatic tree (Drimys axillaris) of the Magnolia family, common in New Zealand. See Peruvian mastic tree, under Mastic.

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- white alder may refer to: uscgc white alder (wlm-541), a united states coast guard ship. white alder (plant), a north american flowering
- alnus rhombifolia, the white alder, is an alder tree native to western north america , from british columbia and washington east to
- the uscgc white alder (wlm/wagl-541) was the former navy lighter , yf-417. the united states coast guard acquired a total of eight of
- name clethraceae , image clethra_arborea1. jpg , image_caption clethra arborea flowers , regnum plantae , unranked_divisio angiosperms ,
- brachylaena neriifolia (also called the cape silver oak, water white alder or waterwitels) is a small tree, native to river valleys in
- white alder. polyosma brachyandrum domin. polyosma brachystachys schltr. polyosma cambodiana gagnepain – dou xian mu. polyosma comptonii baker
- sulphur alder, politician's flower, dark-eyed turnera and white alder despite its names, it is not related to the buttercups or the alder s.
- alder is the common name of a genus of flowering plant s (alnus) belonging to the alnus rhombifolia —white alder, interior western north
- jonathan alder (september 17, 1773 – january 30, 1849 was an american pioneer, and the first white settler in madison county, ohio as a
- by pio pico in 1846 the name means 'glen of the alders' in spanish, after the native white alder (alnus rhombifolia) trees growing there.

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Termite Ter"mite, n.; pl. Termites. [F. See Termes.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of pseudoneoropterous insects belonging to Termes and allied genera; -- called also white ant. See Illust. of White ant. Note: They are very abundant in tropical countries, and are noted for their destructive habits, their large nests, their remarkable social instincts, and their division of labor among the polymorphic individuals of several kinds. Besides the males and females, each nest has ordinary workers, and large-headed individuals called soldiers.

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- australia , as 'white ants', they are for practical purposes unrelated to the ants (although they are prey to some ants, including the acrobat ant ).
- white-anting is an australian term for the process of internal erosion of a the macquarie dictionary says the verb 'to white-ant' means '
- the white-tailed ant thrush (neocossyphus poensis), also known as the white-tailed rufous thrush, is a species of bird in the turdidae
- the ant-heap small white or ant-heap white (dixeia pigea) is a butterfly in the pieridae family and is native to africa . file:ant-heap
- technomyrmex albipes (white footed ant) is a species of ant first described from indonesia in 1861, the white footed ant neither bites
- titles licenced from spanish software house indescomp s.a. sandy white's ant attack (1983) and zombie zombie (1984) for the zx spectrum
- ants are social insect s of the family formicidae. f , ɔr , ˈ , m , ɪ , s , ɨ termite s, although sometimes called white ants, are not ants.
- (guineafowl ) and catch insects like onya (white ants /winged termites) for food which is called nyaka in the standard lugbara language
- mid-1970s, he served as dramaturge to the royal shakespeare company and produced one of his best-regarded plays, the soul of the white ant.
- ant attack is a zx spectrum computer game by sandy white . it was published in 1983 by quicksilva , and converted to the commodore 64

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Bryony Bry"o*ny (br[imac]"[-o]*n[y^]), n. [L. bryonia, Gr. brywni`a, fr. bry`ein to swell, esp. of plants.] (Bot.) The common name of several cucurbitaceous plants of the genus Bryonia. The root of B. alba (rough or white bryony) and of B. dioica is a strong, irritating cathartic. Black bryony, a plant (Tamus communis) so named from its dark glossy leaves and black root; black bindweed.

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- white bryony may refer to: bryonia alba bryonia dioica , also known as red bryony-
- bryonia alba (white bryony) is a vigorous vine in the family cucurbitaceae (squashes and melons) from europe and northern iran.
- bryony. ˈ , b , r , aɪ , . , the only english species, b. dioica (white bryony), grows in hedgerow s as far north as yorkshire .
- bryonia dioica, known by the common names red bryony and white bryony is a perennial climbing vine indigenous to central and southern
- priadela, priadila , white bryony or black bryony , bryonia alba or tamus communis , prob1, propedila, propedula, propodila creeping
- bryonia alba , the white bryony, a vigorous vine species found in the western north america. preview: alba refers to the white flower petals
- white bryony: white bryony. this herb was fenced in when it was found on property to protect it; the leaves resemble a child, and digging it up
- bryonia , bryonia alba , white bryony joint pain, cough and pleurisy , all potencies 6c to cm , calcarea carbonica , oyster shell ,
- w white bryony mosaic virus white bryony virus white clover cryptic virus 1 white clover cryptic virus 2 white clover cryptic virus 3
- family cucurbitaceae , ! : white bryony , bryonia dioica , , squirting cucumber , ecballium elaterium , , family salicaceae

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Piney Pin"ey, a. [Of East Indian origin.] A term used in designating an East Indian tree (the Vateria Indica or piney tree, of the order Dipterocarpe[ae], which grows in Malabar, etc.) or its products. Piney dammar, Piney resin, Piney varnish, a pellucid, fragrant, acrid, bitter resin, which exudes from the piney tree (Vateria Indica) when wounded. It is used as a varnish, in making candles, and as a substitute for incense and for amber. Called also liquid copal, and white dammar. Piney tallow, a solid fatty substance, resembling tallow, obtained from the roasted seeds of the Vateria Indica; called also dupada oil. Piney thistle (Bot.), a plant (Atractylis gummifera), from the bark of which, when wounded, a gummy substance exudes.

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- image vateria indica. jpg , image_caption vateria indica, illustration. , status cr , status_system iucn2.3 , regnum plantae , unranked_
- vateria indica , hindi:dhupa, ralla english:indian copal, white dammar, piney varnish , ramayan , bala kanda sarga 24 , 1.24.15 ,
- prominent institutions : hotel white dammar. v-tech computer viswambharan road. k.s.r.t.c central works references : external links : http://www.
- dammar gum , or damar gum, is obtained from the dipterocarpaceae family of trees material safety physical data : appearance: white powder
- the genus agathis, commonly known as kauri or dammar, is a relatively small genus agathis moorei —white kauri (new caledonia)
- been an attraction. dammar was an important export in the later period built from blocks of white coral, with a three-tiered roof
- resins that are used in varnishes include amber , kauri gum , dammar such as white spirit or 'paint thinner ', also known as 'mineral spirit '.
- building work being white lead , red lead , zinc white and iron oxide . turpentine varnishes are made from soft gums, such as dammar,
- malay belanda, from dutch hollander meaning a white person, a european. dammar : from damar, 'resin; resin obtained from various mainly
- common name in : urdu : ral, safed dammar flowers: flowers are yellowish-white, arranged in large terminal or axillary racemose panicles.

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White elephant White elephant Something requiring much care and expense and yielding little profit; any burdensome possession. [Slang]

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- a white elephant is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost
- the white elephant is the fifteenth episode of the third series of the 1960s cult british spy-fi television series the avengers , starring
- the most exalted order of the white elephant. (เครื่องราชอิสริยาภรณ์อันเป็นที่เชิดชูยิ่งช้างเผือก; khrueang ratcha itsariyaphon an pen thi
- a white elephant (also albino elephant) is a rare kind of elephant , but not a distinct species. although often depicted as snow white,
- white elephant (elefante blanco) is a 2012 argentine drama film directed by pablo trapero . the film competed in the un certain regard
- two singles have been released from the album, 'mirage' and 'white elephant'. the song 'ace of hz' had previously been released as a
- white elephant is a 1984 british comedy drama film directed by werner grusch and starring peter firth , peter sarpong and nana seowg
- first white elephant incident: which were drawn in a cartoon-like style, symbolically calling the unopened buangkok station a 'white elephant '.
- white elephant legend: image:white elephant doi suthep. jpg , white elephant shrine according to legend, a monk named sumanathera from
- the parti éléphant blanc de montréal (pÉbm) (english: white elephant party of montreal) was a fringe political party in montreal , quebec ,

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Flux Flux (fl[u^]ks), n. [L. fluxus, fr. fluere, fluxum, to flow: cf.F. flux. See Fluent, and cf. 1st & 2d Floss, Flush, n., 6.] 1. The act of flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream; constant succession; change. By the perpetual flux of the liquids, a great part of them is thrown out of the body. --Arbuthnot. Her image has escaped the flux of things, And that same infant beauty that she wore Is fixed upon her now forevermore. --Trench. Languages, like our bodies, are in a continual flux. --Felton. 2. The setting in of the tide toward the shore, -- the ebb being called the reflux. 3. The state of being liquid through heat; fusion. 4. (Chem. & Metal.) Any substance or mixture used to promote the fusion of metals or minerals, as alkalies, borax, lime, fluorite. Note: White flux is the residuum of the combustion of a mixture of equal parts of niter and tartar. It consists chiefly of the carbonate of potassium, and is white. -- Black flux is the ressiduum of the combustion of one part of niter and two of tartar, and consists essentially of a mixture of potassium carbonate and charcoal. 5. (Med.) (a) A fluid discharge from the bowels or other part; especially, an excessive and morbid discharge; as, the bloody flux or dysentery. See Bloody flux. (b) The matter thus discharged. 6. (Physics) The quantity of a fluid that crosses a unit area of a given surface in a unit of time.

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- meaning 'white'; which is from middle persian bwrk, which might have meant potassium nitrate or another fluxing agent, now known as būrah (بوره).
- in metallurgy , a flux (derived from latin fluxus meaning “flow”), is a chemical ww (water-white) - purest rosin grade, no activators, low
- the flower s are white, approximately 3 mm in (⅛ in.) up bodily lust: it staieth the laske (diarrhea ), and also the white flux in women. ,
- flux information sciences were a three-piece noise rock band based in brooklyn , james white & the blacks , suicide and foetus in 2004
- a plainly visible white residue that resembles diluted bird-droppings. for electronic work, flux-core solder is generally used, but
- mtv flux was a television channel in the united kingdom and ireland . hang out and do anything in the flux pod, an inflatable white enclave.
- the flux is a fictional fluid/force used in galactik football when in action, the flux appears as streams of blue-white plasma,
- normalized to 1 or 100 for a reference white like the photometric definition, it is related to the luminous flux density in a particular
- grayish-white color. usable for both flame and furnace brazing used with flux. unsuitable for vacuum brazing due to high zinc content.
- the family albuginaceae, the taxonomy of many species is still in flux. this organism causes white rust or white blister diseases in