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Yarn Yarn, n. [OE. yarn, [yogh]arn, AS. gearn; akin to D. garen, G., OHG., Icel., Sw., & Dan. garn; of uncertain origin. Cf. Cord.] 1. Spun wool; woolen thread; also, thread of other material, as of cotton, flax, hemp, or silk; material spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, or the like. 2. (Rope Making) One of the threads of which the strands of a rope are composed. 3. A story told by a sailor for the amusement of his companions; a story or tale; as, to spin a yarn. [Colloq.]

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- yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibre s, suitable for use in the production of textile s, sewing , crochet ing, knitting ,
- thread is a kind of yarn used for sewing . materials: thread is made from a wide variety of materials. following table lists common
- yarn size: depending on the exact yarn weight and the gauge of the knitter or crochet er and how tight or loose the yarn is held, the gauge
- the joke , the television program of the same name , shaggy dog story (tv) , other uses , shaggy dog (disambiguation) in its original sense
- yarn bombing, yarnbombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or
- ripping yarns is a british television comedy series. it was written by michael palin and terry jones of monty python fame.
- kirby's epic yarn, known in japan as. keito no kirby , 毛糸のカービィ , keito no kābī , lit. ' 'yarn kirby. is a 2010 platform video game
- novelty yarns include a wide variety of yarns made with unusual features, structure or fiber composition such as slubs, inclusions,
- knitting is a method by which thread or yarn is used to create a cloth. knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive rows of loops,
- in knitting , a yarn over is technique in which the yarn is passed over the right-hand knitting needle . in general, the new loop is

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